Friday, January 31, 2014

Learn to Love Your Body

Bathing suit season is right around the corner, gyms are full of New Year's resolutions, and I hear about a new diet someone is trying every other day. I want to write this post for all you ladies (or gents) out there who talk down to your body, who pick it apart, and who think it will never be good enough for today's high and very hard to meet standards.

If you have read this blog for awhile you may know that I suffered from anorexia for four years. It is not something I glamorize or am proud of--instead I share this with you so you can learn from my darkness. And that is what that time period was--total darkness. Through the grace of God, my amazing treatment team, and the support of loved ones, I have been recovered for 5 years and I am VERY proud of that :).

I still struggle with body image and self-worth sometimes--but I want to stand up to those negative thoughts and say that WE ARE ALL ENOUGH--just as we are. Yes, I am all for health and striving to live a lifestyle of moderation, but please cut yourself some slack when it comes to trying to reach perfection. Be kind to your body and treat it with the respect it deserves.

I want to maybe give people out there the strength to love what you got--curves, tall, skinny, short, wide, or whatever it may be! I had to accept that my behind will never fit in size 2 pants (at least by doing it healthy) and I may never lose those pesky 5 extra pounds--but its OK! I want to empower women to cheer each other and yourself on in the race towards self-acceptance--because I promise, it is so worth it.

Here are some ways I can appreciate the thing my body IS (not the things it may be lacking) and what accepting it has helped me accomplish. Your list may be totally different--but I encourage you to take the time today to make your own list of all the reasons your body is good and helpful--and accept it as much as you possibly can :).

{I was strong enough to climb Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica}

{I let my guard down and let a man love me and see my flaws--and he still married me!}

{I had a blast exercising in moderation--and I got to do the fun 5k Color Run with some of my besties!}

{I don't hold back now if I want to splurge a little--like when in Chicago and have the chance to eat Deep Dish Pizza...ah-mazing!}

{I got to celebrate my sister going to nursing school and my first "big girl" job!}

{O and I started this blog--which was huge and scary and leaves you open for some judgement! But it has been amazing and awesome and such a blessing. I have had support from family and friends--and the blogging community is kinder than I ever imagined!}

I know this was a lengthy post--so Thank You for reading. I hope it touches and challenges some of you to see your body and your self-worth in a little bit different light :)

Have an amazing weekend!

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to Shop your Closet-Pinterest Inspiration

Hi, My name is Tori and I am a Pinterest addict. Who is with me? I am always finding inspiration for clothes, house decor, food, or DIY (not sure why I ever try those tho--epic fails!). I love my style board and wish I had all those clothes in my closet--but alas, I can neither find them all or afford them even if I could!

I am going to start a new series, that I will do a couple times a month, where I will take a outfit off Pinterest and try to re-create it with things I already own in my closet!

This time I took a little bit of an edgy look and made it work for me. I am so not a bada**, but really wish I was--so this look is perfect! I love that this blazer is such a classic staple piece, but it has the cool leopard details and is paired with a vintage style T-shirt and funky jewelry to give it a much more dressed down look. 

     INSPIRATION                                   MY TAKE

{Booties: Old Navy} {Jeans: American Eagle Jean Style} {Blazer: Chic Nova}
(Shirt: Charlotte Russe} {Watch: Michael Kors} {Jewelry: assorted collection of older pieces}

We are having a polar vortex here in Ohio, so opted out of the super cute-but very chilly looking shorts, and instead went with boyfriend jeans. I like the funky look the booties give to the outfit and I paired it with a simple loose Oxblood colored t-shirt. 

Taking things I already own--aka not spending more money (my hubby loves that too) and remixing them into new outfits is so fun and a total creative outlet. I would never have thought to pair this all together, and have actually worn all these items, multiple times, but with totally different looks. I love that Pinterest gave me this idea and I could make it my own. In the summer--and after many many workouts I am planning to do ha--I may even try it all paired with shorts and cute little flip-flops!

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Ps. I apologize for the bad lighting in the photos--this cold has me trapped inside for pictures! C'mon mother nature--I am ready for Spring!

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking time out of your day to read :)

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Welcome to My Home

Today I wanted to welcome you all into my home. As a blogger, I want my reader to really feel like they get to know who I am and what I like. Part of the reason I started blogging was to share a piece of myself with the world--not only through words, but with pictures. I am by no means an excellent decorator--but I love a cozy feeling. When people come by I want my house to smell good, feel warm, have some glitz, and make people want to stay and have a good time with great conversation.

My house is eclectic. It is glitzy and girly--yet not so over the top that my hubby doesn't feel at home (except that one time I painted the bathroom pink--but we will save that story for another day ha). I have things I thrifted next to pieces I have purchased at my favorite store--Pier 1. I love beautiful wood and shimmering tiles--brown and amber colors fill most of the space. All the ways I decorate have a purpose--to make people feel at home.

Relationships are the core of my being-I treasure my family and friends. A home is a home because it is filled with the people I love. Sorry-corny,but true! I want my home to be a place of gathering and laughter. I don't cook--but love when people bring some munchies and I always provide the wine--aka the good stuff :)

What is your style of decorating and why?

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I hope you all enjoyed seeing a little part of my world and thank you all for becoming part of it day by day :) 

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Picture This

I think the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" rings so true. I am a picture freak--to the point of making my hubs a little crazy. I like Facebook, I can handle Twitter, but I LOVE Instagram--make sure you follow me HERE. I not only love posting snapshots into what is happening in my world--but I love seeing everyone's fun photo's. I get huge inspiration on Instagram in all areas from fashion to fitness to my Faith. 

I thought I would just share some photos from my Instagram today and share a little of my world with my favorite readers :)

{I know I promised no more animal sweaters--but it's a Pug--no willpower was strong enough to fight it ha}

{I got to go to Columbus to visit one of my very best friends--we had the best time eating Mexican and drinking margaritas--all bad but all good :)}

 {That is my little baby--I don't know if I mentioned she is deaf! You would never know it though--total pistol--always keeps me on my toes!}

{I had a really bad day at work so the next day I wore tons of bling--instantly felt better!}

{In Columbus we went to a make your own candle bar called Candle Lab--the scent I mixed was Pistachio Butterscotch--I am totally obsessed and can't wait to go back!}

{I also joined an exercise class--I have been having a blast with a great group of ladies and getting back into shape! Win/Win right there!}

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better thought pictures :)

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Plaid times 3

Today I get the honor of doing a collaboration with two AWESOME bloggers--yes, that is awesome in all caps :). I have gotten to know these girls through the blogging community and their so fun and supportive--not to mention they both have awesome style. Check out how we do PLAID three different ways!

Darcy runs the blog A memory of Us. She was one of the first blogs I started following and I looked to her for inspiration when I started my own blog. She is one of the sweetest girls and she has a knack for mixing fun print, textures, and colors into a very chic combo! 

Shannon's blog is called Upbeat Soles and just like the name indicated--her blog is full of sunshine (lucky girl lives in Florida) and lively fun outfits! She is so supportive and her classic style always has a bit of a funky side to it that inspires me to try new things!

Make sure you go and visit their site :)

{Sweater: F21 So cute!} {Plaid Pants: F21} {Heels: DSW Similar}
{Necklace: Francesca's Identical} {Bracelets: Buckle Similar}

Plaid is so on trend for this season and I keep looking for new ways to wear it! Although you can never go wrong with the classic plaid shirt--I wanted to to try and mix it up by throwing on some plaid pants. They are so fashion meets rock n roll. I glammed it out a little bit by mixing it all with a lot of sparkly accessories and some studded pumps! 

What is you favorite way to wear plaid this season??

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Monday, January 20, 2014

3 of My Favorite Things: Pugs, Fur, and Photos

{This may be my all time favorite picture in the history of pictures}

{Vest: Wet Seal (not online) Fur LOVE} {Shirt: Target So cute} {Boots: Charlotte Russe Similar}
{Jeans: DayTrip from Buckle} {Necklace: Express Adorbs}

Good Morning Fashionistas!

I had such a great weekend! I got to finally see my friend, who is living in New York, and is having a baby in 5 weeks!! I had a friend who turned 28 and we got to have a great celebration (we are getting old, but more fabulous by the year!). And, I got to do a photo shoot with a very cool photographer! 

I never started blogging because I, by any mean thought I was--or wanted to become--a model! I just love love love clothes :). So when Mike Geig-said photographer- asked me if I would be interested in doing this-- I was super excited, but super nervous! I am not great in front of the camera, but I really feel like pictures are so important to a blog--and what did I have to lose--so I agreed! 

It was so fun and he took the time to explain my camera to me even more so that when my hubs is taking my photos they can be a better quality picture! I felt like I learned so much and had a blast!! I had to get the pugs in on the photo shoot as well--although they are even worse at modeling than myself! Total Divas--only would model for treats! They are lucky they are so stinkin' cute!

If any other bloggers out there have posing, photo, or any other kinda of tips to make pictures better for fashion blogging I would love to hear them!! 

O and the outfit-- fur, plaid, bling, and boots--enough said :).

Have a fabulous Monday!


Friday, January 17, 2014

Warby Parker Part 3- Sunnies

{Sunnies #1: Raskin by Warby Parker}

{Sunnies #2: Jules by Warby Parker

{Sunnies #3: Mabel by Warby Parker}

{Vest: Old Navy} {Watch: Fossil Similar} {Bracelet: LOFT}
{Earrings: Express  {Sweater: J. Crew Cardi Style}

I have had such a fun week getting to show you some of Warby Parker's different eye-wear! If you missed the first two post you can find them HERE and HERE. I have fallen in love with their style and what their brand stands for! I am going to cave in a buy a pair :).

Today I am featuring their sunglasses! I would have loved to take these photos outside--but mother nature hates me this week. Anyone down south looking for a roommate?? I don't cook or clean very well, but I have all the best shows saved on my DVR--that important in a roommate right?! Ha OK so I am not sure the hubby would appreciate me up and moving on him--but seriously I am ready for some warm weather and sunshine!

Since I had to do this little photo shoot inside I wore the brightest outfit I could--I think it is fitting since I am wearing some very cute pairs of sunnies :) Their sunnies are all adorable and they come in a lot of different shapes and sizes to choose from--which I think is super important when picking a pair of quality sunnies--every girl at needs at least one pair they are careful not to accidentally sit on!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend--it is supposed to snow here--shocking I know! I have one besties baby shower and another besties birthday party so bring it on weekend--I am ready :)

**This is NOT a sponsored post, I choose to feature this company on the blog because I totally believe in the great concept behind the brand--and all thoughts and opinions of my own.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Warby Parker Part 2

{Sweater: ChicNova} {Shoes: Express} {Necklace: Express Super Cute}
{Watch: Limited SAVE} {Bracelet: Charlotte Russe}
{Glasses: Warby Parker}
**Read Part 1 of the series HERE to learn about this great brand**

Do you ever have those days when you want to roll out of bed and just roll into work in your pj's? This happens to me more than I would like to admit--unfortunately I do not think my boss would approve of such an occurrence. So on days like that I try to keep it low key--comfy sweater, top knot, and some statement piece--like a pair of funky frames-- just to dress it up a little! 

I love the option of making glasses part of your outfit. The frames in this picture are a style that Warby Parker calls Marshall - in the color rum-cherry. They are a slightly darker red and they make a huge statement with this outfit--while still being understated (if that makes sense--roll with me people ha). Anyways, I wore this outfit to work (this scarf is becoming a wardrobe staple) and out of the 5 pairs they sent me--these are my favs! They have a vintage-inspired shape that would look great on most face shapes and these pictures do not to the color of the frames justice--rum cherry is awesome!

What do you guys think of making glasses a statement in the outfit you are wearing?

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**This is NOT a sponsored post, I choose to feature this company on the blog because I totally believe in the great concept behind the brand--and all thoughts and opinions of my own.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Week of Warby Parker

{Skirt: Banana Republic} {Glasses: Warby Parker}
{Bracelet: Charlotte Russe Similar} {Sweater: Express}
{Shoes: DSW}  {Shirt: Limited (not online) Awesome!}

I am so excited to get to tell you about a eye-wear brand I just found out about! The name is Warby Parker and they are in two words--classic and fabulous. I was asked to try their Home-Try On Program and so I did some research on the company and realized not only do they offer great eyeglasses/sunglasses, but they have an amazing program called Do Good.

For every pair of glasses that are purchased they donate a pair or funding to someone in need. On their website it states that over 1 Billion people--yes that is Billion--go without glasses that they so desperately need. I can speak as a person who without glasses/contacts can't see more than 10 feet in front of me--I cannot imagine not getting the proper vision care I needed! Please check out more about this program on their website HERE.

I love that they have a try it before you buy it type program. Glasses are a big purchase and I don't know about you but I want to see what they look like on my face before I buy them--I have an extra large head and it can be difficult to find pair I like ha! Warby Parker will send you up to 5 pairs for you try on and see which ones are your perfect style before you ever have to make a purchase! They even pay for the return postage.

This week I will be showing you some of my favorites and how I choose to style them with my wardrobe.

The pair I am wearing today is their style called Duckworth. I am obsessed with the tortoise frames and they seem super durable! I paired them with this fun fluted skirt, over-sized bow blouse, and high black pumps--total power outfit!

I can't wait to show off more of their products--sunglasses included! Their styles are fashionable and affordable--a girls dream!

Please check out their site and tell me what you think!

Have an awesome Monday :)

**This is NOT a sponsored post, I choose to feature this company on the blog because I totally believe in the great concept behind the brand--and all thoughts and opinions of my own.

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