Monday, March 30, 2015

Love the Life You Live

I am sure every fashionista can relate--you see something you just love, but you aren't sure the time is right to spend the money. 

I have a rule of thumb--if I still can't get that certain special thing out of my head a few weeks later (and its in the fun thing I like to call a budget), I go ahead and take the plunge!

That was totally the case with these New Balance's from J. Crew. I can't get enough. And, even though me and white anything shoes don't normally play nice together, I am going to do everything in my power to keep these babies clean!

{Shoes: New Balance For J Crew} {Jeans: A&F} {Sweater: AE LOVE} {Tank: Express}
{Bracelet: Loft on sale!} {Ring: Charming Charlie's not online Identical
{Sunnies: Ray-Ban thanks sis!}
Did you all have a good weekend??
As always, mine went to fast, but it was really nice! I have been letting things I love slack--aka this blog, time with friends, and relaxing with my hubs. I have been feeling a little overwhelmed and instead of that motivating me to get more stuff done--it ends up making me feel stuck, so I do nothing at all.
But, after a long talk with a great friend, and spending some meaningful time with God--I am feeling back on track and more like myself! 
There are always going to be things I can't change and people I can't please, but I won't let that stop me from loving the life I live :)
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Monday, March 23, 2015

Easy Like Sunday Mornings

{Sweater: Express Different Color} {Jeans: J. Crew} {Necklace: J Crew Similar/Save}
{Boots: Thrifted LOVE} {Sunnies: Limited} {Watch: Charming Charlie's Splurge}

Ah I wish it was Sunday morning again--why must the weekends go so darn fast?! Mine was really awesome though. I spent Saturday doing some retail therapy and then got to have a girls night out. And Sunday was spent cleaning and decorating, then watching Night Crawler with the hubs---freaky freaky freaky!!

I picked up this sweater (OK, in multiple colors) on super sale this weekend and it might be the most perfect sweater ever made!! It really is so easy and cozy and just perfect for any weekend day :) I jazzed it up a little with some jewels and jeans, but I can totally see myself wearing it with leggings and a baseball cap! 

Anyone else have "comfort outfits"?! 

I may have worn this comfort outfit while eating my comfort food--Girl Scout cookies ha! No one let me buy any next year--please and thank you :)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Getting Those Confessions Off My Chest

O Fashionistas--its been quite a week and I am just feeling getting some confessions off my chest!

I mean it went back to cold here in Ohio, but on Friday my mom and sister leave for Cancun WITHOUT me and they are totally all...

So even though I won't have to be in a bikini for a few more months, we have all been trying to eat healthy...

But then--girl scout cookies...

The phones at work have been ringing off the hook...

But when 5 o'clock hits and I have kept to myself all the things I reaallly wanna say....

And excuse the pug profanity, but I swear every person in my house feels like this as soon as I finish cleaning...

But, there are only a few days left of work, and even though it might be cold, the sun is shining! So cheers to the freakin' weekend :)


Monday, March 16, 2015

Versatility: Think Outside the Box

{Shirt: c/o Denim Lily} {Vest: Express Similar/On Sale} {Bracelets: Wet Seal Similar}
{Shoes: Charlotte Russe Super Sale}{Skirt: old Identical} {Sunnies: c/o Kameleonz}

This is the last part of my three part series in which I styled this fab denim dress from Denim Lily 3 different ways. You can find part one HERE and part two HERE

I want to show women that buying pieces that can be worn multiple ways is not only good for the budget, but makes for a very fun wardrobe!

I went a little out of the box and looked at the dress in a new way. I decided to tie it up and make it into a shirt! It's a fun, fresh look that was the perfect layering piece for this leather vest.

Look in your closet today and try to see your current pieces in a whole new light--you will be surprised with what you come up with!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Look Ma, No Boots!!

{Shirt: J. Crew on sale!} {Jeans: A&F} {Hat: F21 Similar}
{Shoes: Gianni Bini Similar} {Watch: Michael Kors LOVE} {Sunnies: F21 Similar}

The snow is slowly melting, the sun is shining brighter, and the days are lasting longer. This makes my whole heart happy! 

It means a time of new beginnings and soul refreshing. Does anyone else feel this way in the spring time? Like anything is possible?!  

I am making some big decisions soon and I honestly have no idea what direction I will take. But, sometimes, that can be the beauty in life!

And in a much smaller sense, I can now go outside without boots--who woulda thought that time would ever come?! Hello flats, heels, and wedges--Welcome back!!
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Monday, March 9, 2015

Versatility Part 2 with a side of Parenthood

 {Dress: c/o Denim Lily} {Leggings: Express Love} {Belt: old Similar}
{Boots: Old Navy obsessed} {Sunnies: Limited}

Today is a two cups of coffee before 9 a.m. kind of day for sure! I LOVE when it stays light later, but this whole losing an hour of sleep is for the birds. Plus, I may have stayed up all night last night watching Parenthood on Netflix (obsessed is an understatement).

Anyone else with me?!

But, luckily I am excited to share this outfit with you all! I am showing you the second way to style this denim dress. (You can see Part One HERE) It is my goal this year to buy more staples--things that can be worn more than once and it many different ways!

This time I paired it with leggings and belted it off for an easy look that can be worn to a brunch date with friends, and then can go right into the grocery store afterwards! A.K.A my perfect ensemble :)
Have a fabulous Monday Fashionistas

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sweater Weather

{Sweater: Francesca's on sale!} {Necklace: J. Crew Similar} {Sunnies: F21Love}
{Jeans: American Eagle} {Boots: old Similar} {Purse: Macy's on sale!}

I have been all about loving the comfy lately! Even though the end of the winter is in sight--the cold is still here.

I have been taking advantage of it as an excuse to wear every over-sized, fur lined, comfy sweater I own!

It goes deeper than clothing though--hot coffee, enjoying the fireplace, snuggling the pups, and binging on Netflix have all been on my agenda.

As much as I hate winter, I know that once spring finally arrives, I will be outside and on the go. soaking up the sun and fun as much as possible.

Anyone else been feeling this way?!
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Monday, March 2, 2015

Versatility is King

{Hehe I so almost had a Marilyn moment and frostbite all at the same time!}

{Dress: c/o Denim Lily Boutique} {Cardi: Loft Similar on sale!} {Sunnies: Aldo}
{Boots: Jessica Simpson Save/Splurge} {Shirt: old Similar}
Hey Fashionistas! Did you all have a good weekend?! Mine was really nice, although Sunday was mainly spent cleaning and avoiding the snowy roads, Saturday we went to a casino night that supported our local football team and it was a blast!
Today, I am so excited to team up with Denim Lily Boutique. You might remember me featuring them in this post HERE. Well, we are back to show you how important it is to have versatile clothes in your closet.
This denim dress is so perfect for that--it can be worn a million ways. I am going to show you 3 different ways to style it over the next 3 Mondays! I am trying to stop buying so many clothes and do more of "shopping my closet". And when I do buy new pieces, I want to make sure I can wear them in multiple ways, so I can get a lot of wear out of them!
This style is easy, preppy, and fun! I just paired the dress with a fun leopard undershirt and a red cardi! Granted, I was way to optimistic about no leggings in this weather--froze my toosh off ha! Can't wait to wear this look again when Mother Nature decides to give us some sunshine :)
Anyone else like buying pieces that can be worn more than one way?