Monday, June 30, 2014

My Sunday Mornings

{Dress: SheInside} {Shoes: Marshall's Splurge} {Necklace: gifted LOVE}
{Sunnies : Aldo}{Bracelet: Express}

I love Sundays--I love everything about them. I love when my hubby is off work and we can get up and have coffee together, then go off to church and spend the afternoon together. It doesn't happen every Sunday--but when it does--it just starts off my week right.

Church is so important to me and I grew up going every weekend. It wasn't until later in life though that I really understood the importance and enjoyed going and hearing a great message. This week was all about Honor and really honoring God with the words you say. That hit home--I find myself complaining during the day way more than I should. It is usually about silly stuff, but that can really bring down the day. So this week--I am going to watch my words and try to speak positivity into my life and the people around me!

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Have a great Monday

Friday, June 27, 2014

Target Inspiration for the Cutest Giveaway!

Yay!! We all made it to Friday--whew--I thought it was never coming this week! So of course, I am so excited to end on a high note :) Below I am sharing my favorite Target picks--and if you keep scrolling down--you will find out why!
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Have a fabulous weekend

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pouting in Pink

If I look like I am a little grumpy and "off" in these photos it because I am pouting--big time! It is kind of a funny story looking back--but at the time, it was serious business! Two weekends ago my mom, sister and I, slaved away making my landscaping nice. Well Brent tells me last night that he helped out and pulled some weeds. As I walk out to take these pictures--there are three HUGE holes where he dug up my purple daises and threw them in the trash!! 

In his defense, he didn't understand they just hadn't bloomed yet, and was only trying to be helpful. But, man I was a little ticked :) We replanted them--so cross your fingers they don't die ha!

{Shirt: Limited} {Jeans: American Eagle}{Necklace: Express LOVE}
{Shoes: Wet Seal} {Earrings: Target} {Headband: Body Central}

Make sure you come back tomorrow--there is going to be a super fun surprise :)

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Orange is So Obvi the New Black!

{Shirt: old Love} {Pants: Limited} {Necklace: gifted Similar}
{Shoes: Charlotte Russe} {Sunnies: F21}

Haha OK---I know, I couldn't have used a more cliche title. But, after binge watching the second season of Orange is the New Black--I still have it on the brain. I actually have the last episode left (which I heard is AHmazing), but I can't seem to bring myself to watch it. It is like I am saving it, because once it's done I have to wait a whole another year for my Piper drama! #Firstworldprobz ha!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Mine was spent in Columbus celebrating one of my besties birthdays. It was such a blast--we went to the farmers market, made candles, tried a bar that had beach volleyball, and stayed up way too late drinking wine of the patio. It was perfection :) 

Monday, however, suck city ha! Anyone ever feel like they need a vacation after their vacation to catch up on real life?! Totally worth it--but laundry and grocery shopping are calling my name!

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Have a fabulous day

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Leather Skirt that just won't Quit

This a guest post I did for Paige at Life's a Party--Dress Like it! I just loved this outfit so much though that I wanted to share it with you all in case you missed it. And truth be told--we have had so much rain this week in Ohio that everything is flooded and that makes getting outfit pictures just a little tricky!

I have been totally lovin' the leather trend going on lately. You can go big or go small when it comes to leather. They are making adorable t-shirts with just leather details on the sleeves, or you can do a leather skirt to step it up a notch. I have even seen some girls rockin' a full on leather dress--which I totally adore, but have yet to try :)

In these photo's I am taking the middle ground and putting my new favorite pencil skirt--in faux leather--with some funky booties and low key jewelry for an understated edgy look.

{Skirt: Express On Sale} {Shirt: Express Adorable} {Necklace: Express}
{Booties: Body Central} {Sunnies: F21}

What is your take on the leather trend?! Yay or Nay?

Have a most fabulous weekend!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sportin' in Florals

{Jacket: SheInside}{Tee: Marshall's}{Jeans: Limited Identical}
{Hat: Express Splurge} {Necklace & Booties: Body Central}

OK, I think from my last post you all got the point that sports aren't really my thing--and neither are sporty outfits. But, somehow those two worlds collided on Monday when the hubs dragged me out to watch FIFA! (GO USA!). I can't lie--the soccer was boring, but dressing a little sporty was fun! I love the bomber jacket feel of this floral number and the leather hat is a perfect touch (I put the hat on because I got poured on after work and my hair was looking more than a little scary ha! but it worked for the best). Also fun, was the huge BBQ pizza that I ate all to myself and hanging out at our local bar with some old friends! So I guess all in all--sporting can be A-Okay!

So over the past few month, I have been wrestling with the concept of contentment. I always thought it meant being totally satisfied with what you want and not really wanting anything else. But, I have learned in the past few weeks to feel content and it feels good. I have come to terms with the fact that being satisfied, happy, and extremely thankful for what you have is totally key. However, that doesn't mean you have to stop striving and wanting more. It just means you trust God's timing in it all and never let your circumstance steal your joy. It has been a great feeling to accept that--and although I am sure I will still struggle with contentment--right now, in this moment--I am content.
Have a fabulous Wednesday Fashionistas


Monday, June 16, 2014


OK, I had such a fun weekend y'all, that I just wanted to share it with my favorite readers. 

Friday, I got to spend the night up in Cleveland with the girls--we had a scary movie marathon and slumber party. And by scary, I mean that we watched Hocus Pocus and drank wine.

But, then the real scare came when we really were almost killed by a ENORMOUS spider. It was all--

Then on Saturday I got to go to the Rubber Ducks minor league baseball game with my hubby and best friend. My hubby LOVES sports--and me...not so much! I am more like--

But, we still had such a blast and stopped at the fair for funnel cake after--so win/win!

Sunday, my sister and I spent the day brunching and sun bathing by the pool with my Daddy. He really is just the best dad ever. His unconditional love is beyond amazing--I hope I can even be half the parent with my kids, that he has been with me. 

I get so many qualities from him-- my big butt, my taste in movies, clothing obsession, silliness, and all around love of family. I am so lucky he is my Dad and one of my best friends!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend as well, and again thank you so much for stopping by!

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Casual Friday's with a side of Leopard

{Chambray: Old Navy} {Shorts: Old Navy} {Boat Shoes: Rue21 Similar}
{Necklace: Body Central Cute} {Watch: Limited} {Bracelet: Express}

I love a good casual look on a Friday--and even though my work can't seem to get on board and let us have a jean day ha!--when I get off I try to do my best to throw on something a little more comfy to end the day. I love black and Chambray it is one of my favorite combos--and come on, these leopard shoes are just too cute (if I do say so myself ha). 

I am out of words at the end of the week, so I thought I would be leave you with a fun quote for the weekend. 

"This is the time for small paycheck, but Big memories"

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Hope you all have a wonderful weekend making many fabulous memories!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Let the Jewelry Do the Talking

{Shirt: Body Central} {Necklace: Body Central} {Earrings: Edith Marie LOVE}
{Jeans: American Eagle Similar} {Shoes: old Identical}

It is NO secret that I am a huge fan of any type of bling. And especially nights when I get off work and Brent wants to grab dinner, or the girls want to grab drinks--I don't want to wear my work clothes, but I have no energy left to throw together a fabulous outfit. This is where my staples come in--throw on the jeans you know always look good. Put on a Tee with a fun color. And then go to town putting on as much jewelry as possible ha :) Some say overkill--I say perfection. And it doesn't take a lot of thought!

It has been a long week and we are still trying to figure out our pre-approval for our home loan. It is going to take awhile because of a ton of factors, but I really have a peace that God is going to work it out for us. And that my friends, is an awesome feeling!

Who is ready for the weekend?! This girl ha. I am counting down until Friday. I have a super fun weekend planned--Friday Night Scary Movie Marathon with the girls and then a Baseball game Saturday night. Sunday, I am hoping Ohio decides to play nice and let the sun shine so I can get a tan :)

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