Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Humor

You guys all know my love of all things PUG! So with out further ado...


Tori <3

Also as a special treat, I wanted to tell you about an awesome site that I purchase jewelry off of all the time and it's called GroopDealz. Everything is discounted and alot of times they run free shipping offers. They have amazing jewelry as well as some other great items! Please stop by and check them out! You can click on the picture below to take you to their site!


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Surprising Combo

This look was easy to wear and I love the longer length of the camo sweater, mixed with the short length of the boots. Two of my favorite colors this season are Olive Green and Oxblood. I think this mix of the two is bananas! It is a little surprising because I don't usually like to mix all really dark colors, being that I am a little on the pale side :), but this totally works for me!

I love surprises but I am the Queen of spoiling them. I tend to be inquisitive (or some have called it nosy...mother!), but I always like to know what is going on! I may or may not have ruined how my husband was going to propose...and by may have... I mean I did. O boy, was he mad at me!! Although the fact that we planned on getting engaged wasn't a surprise, poor guy (who is not romantic by nature, still love him!) had to come up with a whole new way to propose! Learned not to be so nosy...i mean inquisitive...about surprises again.

So that long winded story brings me to my outfit pictures. I wore this look on Friday night when my husband planned a surprise date night for us! Did I mention I love surprises? So we hopped in the car and headed an hour away to a quaint little Italian restaurant with the most magical decor called Cafe Capri. I had never been before and was so excited that we got to try something new. After dinner this amazing/smart guy even took me to a huge mall located by the restaurant. He knows if you fill me up with good food and take me shopping...that is pretty much my idea of heaven :). Needless to say it was a great night.

{Camo Sweater: Wet Seal}{Boots: Charlotte Russe Similar}
{Purse: Tj Maxx Splurge}{Watch: Michael Kors} 
{Bracelet: Versona SplurgeSave}

This color combo is going to be a new go-to for me! It will look even better when I come back from Mexico with a tan :). Told you I was going to countdown...5 days!! This girl is so ready! Now I just need to get to packing! 

Thank you all for reading and commenting, it really means so much! I take everything y'all say to heart :)

Tori <3

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Work Day to Play

Happy Monday..again! Wow, why does it always sneak up on me!?! It was an awesome weekend and I can't wait to share some photos later this week from an awesome surprise dinner the hubs took me to!

These photos are actually from a week ago. I think it's so important to be able to have some outfits that you can transition from work day to play nights. I like when I have after work plans, but I don't have to change my whole entire outfit (mainly because I am usually running late)! I love this sweater and scarf combo for work. Totally office appropriate and yet the sweater can easily be thrown on at night with some jeans and a statement necklace!

 {Shirt: Limited Love this new version} {Pants: Limited}

{Jeans: so old! LOVE} {Necklace: Groopdealz Similar}
{Boots: also so old :) but love them! Splurge}

O and I am officially on that annoying thing people do when they are going on vacation (Sorry!!), I am on the countdown!!

1 week from today I will have my toes in the sand and a drink in my hand (wasn't supposed to rhyme ha but I am glad it did). The hubs and I are going to Playa del Carmen. I was hoping to maybe have some people guest post when I am away next week. If you would be interested please go to my Contact page and e-mail me! 

Time to hit the gym for a week...because I always think that going hard one week in the gym is going to make up for the last 3 months I took off :) Can I get an Amen?!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tori <3


Friday, October 25, 2013

Wishes for a Wonderful Weekend!

It has been a crazy, busy week! I got to go to a murder-mystery dinner party for work where I won the Drama Queen Award (my husband got a kick outta that one ha) for Best Performance . We also had a huge building party in our office the next night! I am wiped out from too much fun (which is not really a bad thing!) :). So today I just want to wish you a wonderful weekend and to leave you with this little quote below!
Live it up this weekend :) Even if its just you... at home...watching TV in your robe... with a glass of champagne. Make it fabulous!
Tori <3
Since I am not doing an outfit sure to check out some other great bloggers through the link-up below!

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Feeling Pretty at a Wedding and a Link-Up!!

I am so very excited today to be Co-Hosting a Link-Up Party with Alison from Get Your Pretty On.  She has an amazing site that I look to for inspiration all the time! I knew I would like her and relate to her blog just by reading her bio, she is funny and stylish (my favorite combination!) Be sure to follow the instructions below to Link-Up and please go visit Alison's site Get Your Pretty On. I promise she doesn't disappoint!

So if you follow my blog you also were aware of my slight trouble to come up with an outfit for a wedding we attended on Saturday. I always have trouble with weddings for this time of year! I don't want to be freezing my butt off when I am walking around; and I don't want to be sweating my butt off when I am bustin' a move on the dance floor.

Well I found this dress at Old Navy and I love it! It was perfect because I could have worn it with wedges or the boots you see me in below. I chose the boots, but I prolly should have gone with the wedges because my dance moves were on fire...and so was my body temperature (like they say hind sight is 20/20)!

My husband may or may not have referred to this dress as "looking like drapery" (in a slightly joking, but not really joking kinda way ha), but let be real, hubby's sometimes have no idea about fashion! What do you think? Is this too much of a throwback to something your grandma would wear? Or do you love the floral patterns and free flowing dresses of the fall season? It has got my vote as an A+. I felt pretty and feminine in it (which is what dressing should be all about). Next time I will try it belted at the waist and with some wedges! I love outfits that have endless styling possibilities!

**Thanks Steven for the photo-bomb :) You got us!**

{Dress: Old Navy} {Bracelets: Groopdealz Similar}
{Boots: Charlotte Russe Love These Ones}

One of the themes on this blog will always be to wear what makes you feel great! No matter your shape, size, age, or style...just be you! I am a big believer that if you feel good about yourself on the inside, that your beauty will radiate to the outside! (Corny, but true!) That is one of the reasons I love this Link-Up. Link what makes you feel pretty!

  I Feel Pretty
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Monday, October 21, 2013

Saturday Morning Coffee Date

I can't believe it is Monday again! These weekends have just been flying by. We had a 30th birthday party as well as wedding to go to this weekend. Both were a blast! In fact, my legs are still sore from dancing at the glass of wine and I think I am on Dancing with the Stars to bad its more like America's Funniest Home Videos :). 

Saturday morning before the wedding I wanted to relax and catch up with my friend who was in town. We met early for coffee and this look was the result. I would love to say that I always have my hair perfect and looking great no matter what time of day, but I AM NOT a morning person. I threw this all on in about 15 mins and was out the door. I am pleasantly surprised at how easy the over-sized sweaters are to wear. They effortlessly make you look more put together, but secretly it felt like I was going to Starbucks in my pajamas!

{Sweater: 2B} {Neckace: Charming Charlies Also Adorbs!}
{Shoes: Old Navy} {Jeans: Old Navy}

One day I will be one of the people who are up with the sun. I will take a morning jog, do the dishes, shower, and have a cup of coffee all before 9 a.m., but alas today was not that day :). Regardless, it was a great day filled with friends, dancing, and laughter and really nothing beats that!

Have an awesome Monday! 

Don't forget to come back Wednesday for a special surprise!

Tori <3

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Do you want a little outfit to go with those earrings?!?

Questions on the day?

Does anyone like pancakes?

OK, I know that seems very random! I like pancakes, they are great and all, but I much prefer syrup!! Yummy! Well when I was a kid I used to put so much syrup on my pancakes that my mother would say "Do you want a little bit of pancakes to go with your syrup?". She may have had a point and I prolly had a sugar high:).

 Any-who, that is how I felt about these earrings. I L.O.V.E. love them! I never bought anything to wear with them, but for some reason I just HAD to wear them this very night (c'mon we have all been there) so I decided to build my whole outfit around them. Aztec sweaters are all the rage and I love this one. I got it at Dillard's (on sale...score!) and I just threw it on with an over-sized T-shirt and some jeans and I felt cool and effortless!

When you wanna wear something, make it work! Put a little outfit with those earrings girl :)

{Shirt: Dillard's Similar} {Jeans:American Eagle} {T-shirt: old Want this one!}

{Earrings: F21 (in stores) Amazing

The night I wore this we went out with some friends for dinner and then some much needed wine. It was the most gorgeous night and we actually sat outside for most of it! It is one of those nights you are having fun just chatting, truly enjoying each others company so much that you never want it to end! Unfortunately, a tired baby and some very chilly air made us end our evening. I feel lucky to have enjoyed what might be the last bit of nice weather Ohio sees this year. Forecast for this weekend...30's...goodbye sweet summertime!

Have a great weekend y'all!
I have a really great surprise for my post on Wednesday, so be sure you join me then :)

Tori <3

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pining away for Pins

Did you like that play on words? Very clever title if I do say so myself! Or not, it has probably been used before, but it perfectly describes how I feel about the below "pins" from Pinterest. There are just so many cute looks on there I cannot get enough. Below is my "wish list" of what I want in my closet for this fall. 

Favorite Accessories

Favorite Office Wear

Favorite Glasses

Favorite Wedding Guest Wear

Favorite Big Hair, Don't Care

Ahh so much fun stuff for me to dream about :). Now I will be the first to admit that while I love seeing the DIY and fun cooking projects on Pinterest, unfortunately they do not love me back. I have tried many and have had epic fails every time (stories and pictures for another day!). I better just stick to the style section! Besides reading other fashion blogs, it is the second place I look for when I need some inspiration to pick out a new outfit or find my next big splurge.

What are some of the things on your fall wish list?? Do you find Pinterest inspirational? 

I would love to hear from you all! And please follow me on Pinterest, you can find the link at the top of the page or by clicking HERE!

I have a wedding to go to this weekend and really wish this dress above was in my real closet! I would throw it on with pair of tights, a cute clutch, with some big hair....OK, OK maybe in my dreams. Anyone have any good suggestions on other dresses to wear to a fall wedding?? I am kinda stumped!

Thank you so much for reading! 

<3 Tori

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Transitional Fall Attire

I love the feeling of the season change from summer to fall. I am by no means a cold weather fan, I mean if someone wants to buy me a plane ticket and move me down south right now I would be thrilled, but I love the activities and transitional outfits of the fall season. Something about fall just brings everyone together. It makes me want to stay in and cuddle my pups and spend time with my family. It also makes me want to go out and pick apple for apple pie (OK, a pie my mother would have to cook for me) and go on hayride and drink wine at a winery while weather still permits us to sit outside. It just a great season! 

However, sometimes it can be realllllyyy hard to dress for! I am so ready to pull out every sweater and pair of boots I own, but its really not THAT cold yet (except in my office where I swear you could keep meat frozen in there). Also, I live in Ohio and its cold like 8 months out of the year, so if I start wearing my winter clothes too soon I am going to be sick of them by December. I try and wear some summer and winter clothes mixed together for fall. It lets me stay warm and wear some of cozier clothes, but I still get use out of summer stuff that I am not ready to give up yet! 

{Shirt: Old Navy} {Pants: Limited (old) Love This Color}
{Scarf: Old Similar} {Earrings: Old Navy in store only}
{Watch: Michael Kors}

This is another shirt from Old Navy and I really can't stop singing their praises for their fall line!! I love that this shirt has some stretch in it so it doesn't lose it's shape during that day. I wore it with some more summery pants and a matching scarf and it felt like the perfect combo! Please forgive my winkly pants, me and my iron are not on speaking terms. It had been a busy week and, Ain't nobody got time for that!! 

Since I work at a Bank, I have the day off today!! I plan on spending it doing NOTHING (OK, maybe ironing some pants), but really just taking the time to relax! 

Have a great Monday y'all!!

Tori <3

Friday, October 11, 2013

Marrakesh Oil- Product Review

I was a hairdresser...and I use the term lightly because it was only for a very short time, but I do have my cosmetology license. Everything about hair fascinates me. Unfortunately I found out I only like learning about hair and trying it out on myself, not so much on other people! I have so much respect for cosmetologist! It is not an easy job between the crazy clients, crazy hours, and no paid-time off!!

I have done it all to my hair (the good, the great, and the well horrible, no good, burn those pictures type of stuff). I have been every color under the sun and switching back and forth between light and dark can be hell on the hair. I am currently a dirty blonde but still have a lot of damage from my previous days as a natural blonde wannabe. 

Enter in my new hairdresser (whom I adore!!) If you live in Ohio go to Salon Mystique and ask for Megan :). Any-who  she suggested I try Marrakesh Oil. It has been amazing!! I literally would suggest it to anyone, with any hair type. If you have very fine hair I would suggest Marrakesh Light that will be a little less weighty on your fine strands!

I tried the oil as well as their leave in conditioner and put them both on before blow-drying. The products are all natural and 100% vegan. They have turned my hair life around! My hair is silky and soft. A lot of products I have tried will mask the damage and make my hair look good until the next wash, but I truly see these products repairing my hair. Every time I dry it I see a bigger difference in the health of my hair!

If I were to give this product a diamond rating, 5 out of 5 diamonds being the best, it is hands down a 5!!!!

Marrakesh Oil = *****

I will buy these products again and again. My suggestion is using both daily for damaged hair. If you have healthy hair maybe choose either the oil or leave-in. It shouldn't weigh  your hair down if you are using the right amount and one of the biggest pluses of all..the smell AMAZING!! Yummy :)

Has anyone else tried their products?? What are some of your favorite hair secrets??

You can find these at some of your local salons and it is also carried on Amazon.

Have an amazing weekend Fashionistas!!

<3 Tori

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