Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Liebster Blog Award

I am very excited and honored to have been given the Liebster Blog Award from fellow blogger Monica Despa @ Should I or Should I Not?!

It is a fun award given to new up-and-coming bloggers that have fewer than 200 followers! It is a great way to get to know your blogger and to kind of pay-it-forward and show love to other bloggers!

Monica has given me a list of questions to answer so that you can know a little more about me! After that I will list Bloggers that I follow and I would love to present this award to!

11 questions from Monica
1. Why did you start blogging?
**I love fashion and I love sharing with people a little bit about my life. I never really was sure if anyone would read or follow, but I have been thrilled with the result! It is awesome getting to know other people and developing a network of friends through my ever-evolving blog. I use it as a creative outlet for my life and it has truly been a source of joy for me.
2. Which is your favorite fashion blog? or blogger?
** I have quite a few that I follow and I love them all for many different reasons!! One of my very favorite fashion blogs is Carrie Bradshaw Lied. Kathleen is an amazing blogger and I love her style. As an avid Sex & the City fan, the title pulled me in and this girl has kept me reading every day!
3. Your favorite perfume?
**Anything by Burberry!
4. Denim jacket or leather jacket?
**Leather, all day, everyday! I am just not a fan of denim jackets on myself even though I love them on other people!
5. The main color of your clothes?
I love anything in the warm color family. I think they look best on me and show off my skin-tone. I wear a ton of browns, burnt oranges, and burgundy.
6. The best cosmetic product you have ever tried ?
** I love Urban Decay's eye primer, keeps my eye-making lasting all day long! Love, Love, Love It!
7. Your favorite accessory item?
**I have a tattoo on my wrist, which is a no-no at my job (booo ha) so I wear bracelets aloottt!!! I happen to love bracelets and watches, so it isn't really a chore to wear them everyday :), just a good excuse to have to buy them!
8. The most expensive item you have in your wardrobe? (clothes or accessories)

**Hmm that is a hard one because I tend to be a bargain shopper! I love nice clothes, but I like alot of them ha so i tend to try not to make huge purchases! I think my most expensive items are my jeans! I tend to splurge on those because a good fit is so important and can be hard to find!

9. Favourite fashion icon?

**I love anything that Jennifer Lawrence wears. I have jumped on her bandwagon and I am not getting off! I love her and her style! She is new to the game, but I love that she is always put together and fabulous! She even looked adorable while tripping at the Oscars!! You go girl :)

10. Something that you have on your wishing list?
** I would love a pair of Hunter Boots, those are going to be my next splurge!

11. The most beautiful present you have received?

** My engagement and wedding rings. I love them with all my heart...and my husbands not so bad himself :) ha! OK he is the best :):)

Bloggers I am Nominating for the Award:

1.A Girl and Her Sparkles
3.Life as a Waterleaf
4.Upbeat Soles

I read all these blogs every time they are published and thoroughly enjoy these women's style and learning more about their lives! These ladies all rock, so please check them out and make sure you give them a follow and a nice comment!!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little better and I hope you enjoy checking out some really great up-and-coming blogs!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, I hope you get to spend it with the ones you love and eat until your pants no longer button :)



Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday Website Finds

Hey guys! Well Black Friday is literally one of the only days of the year I actually avoid shopping! Yes, everyone you heard that correct...I avoid going out on Black Friday.

I am always looking for new online shopping sites that I will enjoy instead of hitting the mall. Below I have listed some of my new favorite websites that I have found since I began blogging.

If you love Groopdealz, make sure you check out the link below to JANE. It is another great boutique deals website.

I know we all have heard of JustFab, but please check it out again because I always seem to forget how truly fabulous it really is! (bare with my corniness ha its almost Thanksgiving break!)

$10 off $50 at Use Code LKS23V5D. Valid 11.6.13-12.2.13. Online Only and Some Restrictions May Apply.


Daily Boutique Deals

Take our fashion quiz at

I would love to hear about some online shopping sites that you enjoy! It is great to learn about online options so you can shop in your PJ's (a guilty pleasure of mine...but that is between you and me, don't tell the hubs! ha).

Check some of these sites out and let me know your thoughts!!

Merry Browsing!

Tori <3

*disclosure: there are affiliate links here, clicking on them means I may earn a few cents in commission, but all thoughts and opinions are of my own!

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Plaid and Pugs

Weekends are one of my favorite things in life! I get to spend them with the hubs, puppies, family, and friends. I am a social butterfly. In fact, my husband calls me a gypsy because I am always running around all over the place doing well anything and everything! The older I get though the harder that pace is to keep up with!! This working girl gets worn out!! My favorite thing lately has literally been cuddled up watching t.v. with my puppies (they don't make me watch sports like another certain person I know...cough, cough...Brent! ha) and drinking coffee. 

My dogs are like my children. I am that crazy person who spoils them to death and they pretty much own my household. Eugene, aka Geno, is my 3 year old pug. He is the tan one below and he is a mommy's boy!! That picture perfectly describes him, his favorite activity is sitting on my and giving non-stop kisses :) and I don't mind one bit!! O and eating, really eating is his favorite, but he is supposed to be on a diet... but that never seems to work out...mainly because I don't have any self control when he gives me those puppy eyes #pushover :). Gemma, she is my 1 year old Frug (French Bulldog/Pug Mix). She is deaf, but boy you would never know it!! She is the happiest/wildest dog I have ever met. She def. keeps me and Geno on our toes. She makes Geno a little nutty, but hey she is his little sister so that is her job!! I will be posting a lot of these precious pups on my blog. In fact Geno is obsessed with getting his picture taken, he is such a ham. Gemma is a little harder though because she is never sitting in one place long enough to snap a photo off. They are both so unique and different and sometimes a handful; yet I can't imagine my life without them in it!!

{Shirt: F21} {Scarf: Wet Seal}
{Bracelets: F21 Similar} {Boots: Charlotte Russe Want}
{Watch: Michael Kors} {Jeans: DayTrip@Buckle}

You can't go wrong wearing a comfy, over-sized plaid shirt with a warm scarf and boots. It is a go-to outfit for me! I love pairing it with a little bit of dressy jewelry, like the spike bracelet you can see in the pictures. It is a way for me to not feel so "country", I mean unless that's the look I am going for that day! Swipe on some bold red lipstick and it completes the outfit for me!

Do you all have pets??
How many times do you sweep a week if you do?? (My vacuum and I are on a first name basis)

Thanks for stopping by!!
Tori, Geno, & Gemma

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Crazy Pants and Pearls

Crazy Pants is one of my favorite phrases, I use it all the time, usually referring to myself or my banking customers ha! We even danced to "Crazy Girl" by the Eli Young Band as our first dance at our wedding! I mean I obvi not crazy...just a little eccentric and have alot of energy ha or at least that is what I tell myself!
Well I will tell you what made me crazy was these pants. I absolutely fell head over hells for them when I saw them! I bought a totally different shirt to go with them, but I decided to wear this ensemble to work the other day and I think I love it even more!! The mix of the crazy geometric pattern against the feminine pearls and matching pink polish is bananas!

{Pants: Gap and NEED!} {Sweater: Old Navy Similar} {Shoes: NY&Co. Want}
{Necklace: GroopDealz, check out link below} {Sunglasses: Aldo}

Shop at GroopDealz for up to 70% Off Boutique Jewelry and Home Decor

I am looking forward to spending a weekend at home! I don't have many plans and I am 100% OK with that! This crazy girl is going to take a lot of outfit pics, work on the blog, and hang out with the puppies! Do I have any Hunger Game fans out there?? Whoo-whoo!! The big "Catching Fire" releases this weekend and I am dying to see it, so hopefully it will happen :) (hint, hint hubby!)
What are your weekend plans??
Do you like crazy patterned pants or is sticking to something simple more your style?? I love hearing from you all!!
Have an awesome Friday!
Tori <3
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Funky Weekend Wish List

Its Thursday!! I don't usually post on Thursday, but I feel like breaking the rules (self-imposed rules at that ha).  Such a rebel, I know :). I am feeling in a mood where I want to break out of my normal clothing style and put on a few funky things! Below is my little wish list of some fun weekend clothes I am hoping to try soon! Enjoy!

Let me know somethings on your wishlist!

Funky Weekend Wish List

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Comfy in LOFT and Leggings

Some days you just want to curl up in your comfys and well not wear any pants. Since it is not acceptable to walk around in your underwear, I like to go with the next best thing...leggings!! I know, I know, we have all heard the phrase that "if leggings were meant to be worn as pants they would be called pants", but I only wear leggings as pants if it meets my criteria.
1. Only worn outside of work when doing casual things like running errands, doing laundry, morning coffee with friends, or watching TV.
2. Make sure they are super thick, I do not like it when I can see the pattern on someones undergarments!
3. No Cameltoe...enough said! (that one is for you Leah)
Anyways, now that we are all clear on my personal legging rules we can move on. In these pictures I have on my new favorite sweatshirt. It is from the Loft and is so amazingly soft. I got it on sale and have already worn it more than once, OK more than twice. Pair it was some appropriate leggings and some flats or Uggs and it is my new go-to errands outfit for those cold snowy days!


{Sweatshirt: LOFT Love this One} {Boots: Uggs}
What are your thoughts on leggings??
I am keeping it short and sweet today fashionistas! Its mid-week in the middle of November (starting to really get cold) and I want to just snuggle my puppies and hubby tonight, while curled up watching TV and sipping on some Red's Apple Ale :).
Have a most fabulous Wednesday!!
Tori <3
P.s. does anyone else think I have crazy eyes in the first picture?? Now that I blogged it, I have officially creeped my own self out :) ha!

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Monday, November 18, 2013

InstaGood Feelings on a Monday

Good Morning Fellow Fashionistas and Sparkle lovers :) 
I live in the state of Ohio, where this time of year it can be a blizzard or we could have sunshine, or like last night...a tornado warning!! I don't know what mother nature is thinking, but I feel like me and her need to have a little sit down. Toss in the bad weather with it getting dark so early now I haven't had a lot of good opportunities to get quality outfit pictures! Boo not a happy camper with that, but something I do when I am wanting to cheer myself up is look back on my old Instagram or Facebook photos. It always reminds me of good times and some of my favorite outfits!!

So this Monday I thought would be perfect to share some of my favorite pictures with my favorite readers :) I hope you enjoy...

{Some of my favorite Owl Decor} 

{My favorite wall in my bedroom with a picture of my little Gemma}

{Shirt from Express and Necklace from NY&Co.}

{Shirt from Tobi and Necklace from Francesca's}

{Shirt from Loft and Shoes from Kohls}

 {Arm Candy from Groopdealz}

{One of my favorite cut out shirts from F21}

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Hope you all have a great Monday and stay warm, dry, or cozy by a fire :)

Tori <3

Don't forget to check out GroopDealz, it is one of my favorite places to get inexpensive boutique finds!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Foxy Lady

I can't lie to my favorite readers ever, and after this post it is undeniable :). I think my favorite trend of the fall has got to be the Animal Sweaters that are showing up all over the place! This is my second one, the first being an owl which you can see here. This one here with the fox on it was just the topping on my animal print cake! The fact that the fox is wearing glass makes me smile (I am easily amused ha) and they are hott pink, so you can't go wrong!
I love it paired with this pink vest. I have always love puffy vests, but sometimes they are just well...too puffy...if you know what I mean. This one is perfect because it is fairly light-weight and I can actually still wear a coat over it if needed and I don't feel like a marshmallow :).
You all have my word though that if I buy one more animal sweater you can cut me off! (Unless there is one with a pug, then I will say I had my fingers crossed when I posted this ha)

 {Vest: Old Navy} {Sweater: Old Navy (not online) French Bulldog}
{Boots: Jessica Simpson Similar} {Bracelets: old On Sale} {Jeans: American Eagle}
I love Fridays!! Can I get an Amen?! I have plans this weekend to go down to Columbus to try on bridesmaid's dresses for a dear friends wedding. It will be so nice to get out of town for a bit and enjoy some Columbus culture. It is actually supposed to warm up here in Ohio and hold off on more snow, so I know it will be a great weekend :).
What are your plans for the weekend??
Thank you so much for stopping by! Please remember to follow me by Bloglovin' or e-mail or Google Friends! (Located on the right) I appreciate each and every reader and follower so much!
P.s. Mother I am sorry for the title of this post, and even though you rolled your eyes at it, I could not resist :) hehe