Friday, February 27, 2015

Black, White, and Snow All Over

{Sweater: c/o SheInside} {Cami: Express} {Hat: F21}
{Shoes: Target Identical} {Pants: Limited Similar} {Necklace: Charlotte Russe Love}

Anyone else sick of hearing about the snow, cold, and bad weather?!

Me too.

So, moving on--

I was so excited to team up with SheInside to bring you this look. They are  a boutique in China and I know people are leery about ordering from overseas, but I have had multiple good experience with them. Before they sent me this AH-mazing plaid sweater, I had already shopped with them many times!

You can't beat the prices.

They are good quality pieces

Unique looks and huge selections.

What more could a girl want?!

My only warnings are to be careful what sizes you order--make sure you read the reviews to see if things run a little large or small. And, make sure you order with plenty of time because the shipping can take awhile! Other than that--Enjoy!!
Have a fabulous weekend

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Heating It Up with a HUGE Giveaway!

It might still be a frozen tundra here in Ohio, but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun until the spring time hits! I am SO excited to team up with a group of fabulous bloggers to giveaway an AH-mazing prize package!!
Make sure you check it out and enter below!
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Enter below!! Good luck, loves!!


Monday, February 23, 2015

Spring Fever

{Kimono: Francesca's different print option/on sale}{Tee: Joe Fresh} {Necklace: Express sale/love}
{Boots: Macy's} {Sunnies: Aldo}

Happy Monday Fashionistas! 

We had a VERY snowy weekend here in Ohio and I was totally going stir crazy (Netflix became my new best friend)--luckily for me, it cleared up a little Sunday. I not only got to get a few outfit photos, but I also wore something a little more springy.

I am OVER bundling up and layers, but right now it is a necessary evil with the weather we have been having. That is why I am in love with this kimono. It is a sweater material--so it keeps me warm--but it has a short sleeve length so I don't feel so stuffy. Plus, you could always put a long sleeve shirt under it if you were too cold! The fun colors help too :)

You can also see that we finally got a fence put in at our new house! I am not sure who is more excited--me--or the dogs?! It is SO fab not having to take them out on a leash in negative temps and they love being free to run around and do their business with no one watching ha! I can't blame them one bit :)

Anyone else totally beyond ready for spring fashion?!
Have a fabulous day

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dream Chasers: Simply Stated. & a Giveaway

I always get so excited for the Dream Chasers series each month. We all know that I have had all things home decor on the brain since we moved, and I have searching Etsy high and low for pieces for my girly blog room. 

When I came across Katie's Shop Simply Stated., it was a match made in heaven--glitter and sparkle heaven that is :) She chooses one word and makes it into fabulous wall art. They are such unique pieces that will pop in any room, and you can choose a word that resonates with you personally.

So excited for you all to get to know her better, so I will let her take it away in her Q&A session below!

{This is my blog room--well a sneak peek! I still have A LOT more to do and many pieces to add.}

1. Tell me about your business and why you choose to get into this field of work?

My business at Simply Stated provides simple wall decor statements using vinyl on cardstock to provide a textured look with metallics, glitter and neons. I'm currently updating the shop with wall decals that have similar simple statements to provide a bit of whimsical motivation. I chose to get into this field of work after I got married in May of 2013 - I had been freelancing as a social media consultant and needed something creative and something of my own! 

2. Is this your full time job or do you have 9-5?

This is my full time job - along with my other Etsy shop - KTeesDesigns and website - - where I sell customized tank tops and t-shirts, mainly for weddings and bachelorette parties, as well as monogrammed accessories, such as glitter wine glasses, water bottles, tote bags and more!

3.What is the most rewarding part of owning your own business?

I'd say the most rewarding part is the freedom - not only to create my own schedule, but the freedom to make all of the decisions whether its from shipping materials to product offerings and to be as creative as I can be without having to go through any other management! 

4. What are some challenges you have faced?

The learning curve of the equipment and materials I use for both of my shops was probably the most challenging part. To invest a decent amount of money on all this expensive equipment that I didn't know how to use - vinyl cutter, new computer, software, materials, etc. - scared the crap out of me, but late nights researching and long days of trial and error were extremely challenging - but definitely worth it!!

5. What advice would you give someone looking to start their own business?

DO IT!! NOW! If you don't do it now, you'll never do it. Marriage happens, kids happen, life happens and it's always easier to find a hundred reasons why you shouldn't do something rather than why you should - but you've just gotta focus on the why and make it happen! 

6. What is your favorite item in your shop?

My favorite item in my shop is the Work. Print because not only is it a fashionable reminder to stay on track, but it also makes me think about how grateful I am to be working every day doing something I truly enjoy. Plus, can you really go wrong with black polka dots and gold glitter?

I so agree--can't go wrong with polka dots and gold glitter anything!! Her entire shop is just so fun, girly, and fabulous. I am so excited to team up with her to offer a chance to win a Wall Print of your choice (there are so many great words to choose from!).

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Living Life in a Winter Wonderland?!

Happy Monday Morning Fashionistas! I am super pumped to have the day off and get to stay home. I plan on relaxing in my pj's and staying warm, as the temps in Ohio just keep dropping! 

I had every intention of having outfit photos for today--but Mother Nature had other ideas in mind. So, instead, I am going to share some of my life on Instagram as well as tag the outfit photo's that I have posted there.

Shameless plug--follow me HERE so you can see what's going on in my life on a regular basis, plus I have a really fabulous IG giveaway that will start tomorrow!

One of my favorite clearance finds this year have been these plaid pants from Old Navy!
{Pants: Old Navy sold out online, but check in stores! Similar} {Bracelet: Edith Marie} { Ring: F21}

This outfit was from a fabulous girls night out, that ended with a wild shopping trip to Target--my party girl days are far behind me!
{Skirt: Piperlime} {Shirt: J. Crew sold out Love} {Boots: Macy's}

I have loved getting back into shape with a Y membership and doing some yoga at home--when this little snuggle bug lets me :)
{Yoga Pants: Target}

One thing I LOVE about banking--the fact I get to play dress up all day every day!
{Dress: Francesca's Similar} {Purse: Macy's}

Valentine's Day Dinner with the hubs <3
{Scarf: Express}

Spent Valentine's Day snowed in, but did a little self pampering with a pedicure.

I am literally counting down the days until the warm weather is here. I mean it has to come sometime, right?! 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and got to spend Vday with the ones you love!


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Blurred Lines

{Blazer: NY&Co. Similar/Save} {Pants: Sold Out Identical} {Watch: Michael Kors LOVE}
{Shirt: J Crew on sale!} {Necklace: Express adorbs}

It must be the week of song lyrics--but this title perfectly describes how my life has been feeling! I have felt pulled in a million directions striving to make all aspects of my life perfect, but then lines get blurred, and I lose focus on what is important. Life is fast and goes by in an instant, and sometimes I feel like I am always living in the future, waiting for the "next big thing" in my life to happen. And all that accomplishes, is taking away from the joy of the big things happening right now!

So my goal for 2015 (see I am even late on the New Year Resolutions hehe), is to SLOW DOWN, stop striving, start living.

Yes, I want this blog to take off.

Yes, I want my house to be perfectly decorated.

Yes, I want to lose those pesky few pounds and get back in shape.

Yes, I want to be a better wife.

Yes, I want to make everyone happy.

But, life is messy! Life is anything but perfect. And, because of my profound faith in God-I know what is meant to happen will happen. I don't need to kill myself striving for it all. 

I plan on laying it down in God's hands and relying on his strength to get me through. He will give me the wisdom, guidance, and divine appointments in my life to lead me down the path HE has chosen for me. 

Anyone else need to just take time to breathe and enjoy the season you are in?

And, yes I am wearing sequin pants for the second time in one month, in my defense, the first pair were black :) Sequins make me happy!

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Writer's Block

{Vest: Target on sale/splurge} {Shirt: b. lovely} {Boots: Express similar}
{Jeans: American Eagle} {Necklace: Thrifted obsessed} {Sunnies: Aldo}

It is Monday, and on top of that, I think a song gave me writer's block. Is that even possible?! I am not usually one to run out of things to say--but today, all I can think is "boots with the fur--the whole club what looking at her--" You get the point!

So seems my brain seems to have turned to mush, and I am about to break it down here in my office and jam out to that song (very quietly so no one hears or sees). I will just leave you with this classic Ohio winter outfit,and lyrics that will now be swirling in your head all day :)

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Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and Happy Monday!