Monday, January 4, 2016

Mic Check--Who's There?!

{Sweater: H&M} {Jeans: American Eagle} {Boots: Charlotte Russe}
{Sunglasses: RayBan} {Necklace: Versona Love}

Mic Check, One Two, One Two--is anyone still out there?! Omgsh I feel like it has been a lifetime since my last post. I hated to stop blogging, but I had so much "life" going on and I just needed a break. But, I am back--ready to start this New Year and fill you in on where I have been!

As most of you know, I started a new job in July and it has been one of the best things ever, I am so incredibly happy at my job and it is truly fulfilling. It keeps me super busy though, like no down time during the day at all, so when I get home, sometimes there just aren't a lot of brain cells left for the blog-o-sphere!

For my job, I took my state licensing classes and test at the end of November, so I was really concentrating on that--and I passed! So as of this month I will officially be a state licensed mortgage originator and I am SO happy about that!

Plus, I just felt like I needed more time to focus on my friends and family--I am a crazy social person, my family even calls me a gypsy, but for a little while there I was so consumed by work and blogging and "adulting", that I was letting my social life slide--no bueno--so I have been trying to keep a better balance and it has me feeling so refreshed!

I am feeling like it's time to come back though, I miss my blogging babes and my creative outlet--so bring it on 2016!
Hope you all have been so fabulous



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