Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Polka Dot Overload

{Jeans: American Eagle So Cute} {Top: Old Navy} {Vest: Old Navy Splurge}
{Boots: Hunter} {Necklace: Francesca's Similar}

I am going to start dressing for Spring--it has to come sometime right?! So be ready to see some more bright colors, pastel, and open toed shoes--hopefully I will avoid frostbite!

I don't think you can ever have too many polka-dots--they are fun, whimsical, and are perfect when pattern mixing. Although, today I am putting polka-dots on polka-dots--why not? I like to break up the dots on pants and top by layering the bright vest--which just happens to help keep my body temperature above zero! Win/Win. Of course, I am still swooning over my Pink Hunter Boots and really am craving a red pair (hint hint hubs ha). I am hoping that this snow will turn to rain and I can wear my Hunter's everyday (OK who am I kidding--I already do that!).

What do you think about matching the same prints throughout your outfit? Too much or just right?
Tell me your thoughts Fashionistas!

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  1. LOVE the pink vest & hunter boots with the taupe sweater! I'm a huge fan of polka-dots too!!
    Kellie @

  2. Love all the polka dots!
    xo, Lee

  3. I love all the polka dots - those hunters are so adorable!


  4. You look so cute! Love your hunters. I am thinking that if we start dressing for spring it will be forced to start warming up, haha!

  5. Such a cute look! Love the polka dot combo!
    <3 Rach & Sho

  6. I love all the polka dots!! And those pink hunters are too cute!


  7. Polka dots, polka dots, polka dots - you gotta' love them!! I have some jeans very very similar to these but from topshop, I love the look! Love how you broke them up with the vest otherwise it may have been a tad too much but it looks lovely and so do you!

    Hannah x

  8. SO cute and fun! I love the pink hunters and the pink vest with the polka dots! I hope it gets warmer out for you soon! I feel like this winter has DRAGGED for everyone up north!

    xoxo, Pamela

  9. Lacey @ Sunny + TurquoiseMarch 6, 2014 at 12:09 PM

    I am so jealous of your pants, I have been looking for jeans with small polka dots and haven't found any that fit! I think you look faaab and I like the pink accents :)

  10. I love the double polka dots, the combination of the bold and subtle dots works really well. I'm dying for some warm weather.

    Kristina does the Internets

  11. This is such a cute outfit! If you had asked me before I saw the pictures I would have said polka dots on polka dots would be too much, but now having seen the pictures I know I would have been wrong! This is a great way to brighten up a cold-weather outfit.

  12. Love the mixed dots! Thanks so much for stopping by EPWL :)


  13. omg pink hunters? absolutely love!
    loving your girly sense of style :)

  14. This is a really cute look - love the different sized polka dots in one outfit!


    aka Bailey


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