Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Good Intentions and Bad Angles

{Sweater: F21 Similar} {Pants: Old Navy Similar } {Bracelet: Edith Marie Jewelry}
{Shoes: Old Navy NEED for Summer on sale!} {Ring: F21 Love}
{Sunnies:Prada thanks sis!} {Purse: Francescas on sale!}
Anyone ever look in the mirror and LOVE their outfit, but then see a picture of themselves in it, and not like it quite so much?!

I am still convinced this outfit looks great in person and that these pictures are all just bad angles hehe! But, regardless, who doesn't love an outfit that can go work to play and still be comfy and stylish?! That is totally what I was going for!

Did you all have a fabulous Easter?! Ours was perfection--the sun was shining (and WARM!!), the food was delicious, time with family was wonderful, and church knocked it out of the park with a fabulous message about our Risen Savior!!

**You can see some of my behind the scenes family easter fun and what the Easter Bunny brought me this year if you follow along on Instagram **
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  1. Yes, that happens to me! I have learned a lot about clothing from taking photos of it. It's amazing what seeing a picture can teach you about fit and style. I think this looks great on you though! Love the color combo.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  2. Yes, hate when that happens... I love the color combo :) Glad you had a good Easter!

  3. Ha, just read Amy's comment. Practically said the same thing!

  4. Gorgeous color pant. Not to mention, what a great fit. Not too baggy, not too fitted. You look adorable.

  5. Love the pant color! They look fab with your leopard clutch, I swear not sure what I would do without my leopard beauty either!

    XO Chelsea www.shesaidhesaidfashion.com

  6. YES, that's the worst! I have a tunic sweater SO similar to this, I had never thought to pair it with bright green - what a great way to get some use out of it this spring! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I do the same thing all of the time! A few times I have just not posted the photos.... ugh. I love this! Those pants are such a great color and I really love your sweater and the pops of leopard! You look great! Love your arm party.

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  8. This happens to me all of the time! I always say "The camera never does my outfit justice". Yours looks great though! I love the color of those pants with the leopard clutch!

  9. Your clutch is super cute and love the color of your pants!



  10. I don't even know how many times that's happened to me! It actually happened to me this weekend LOL! I put on an outfit and loved it, then did blog pics and hated it so I didn't post it but I like it in my iPhone pics. So weird! But trust me, you look great!!

  11. Haha that happens to me all the time, I'm like the least photogenic person in the world. You look great in these pics though! I especially like your sunglasses, those are so fun! Great outfit!

    xo Kiki


  12. I love your clutch!


  13. That's so a common occurrence in our blog....we then have "do overs!!" jodie
    ps...I don't think you outfit is a do-over---i think it looks great (I bet those jeans are brighter in person?)

  14. You look adorable and I don't see any bad angles in site! So in love with those green pants and that leopard clutch is too cute!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  15. Yup I hear you on that, I just took pics last week of an outfit that looked cute on but frumpy in my pics:( I think this outfit is totally adorbs on you! Love the green pants.

  16. Those pants are an amazing color and it looks great with that sweater! Super fab girl! I have those issues with my outfits all of the time but I can tell you it looks great! xo

  17. Love those pants and I really am loving those fabulous sunnies!!


  18. That happens to me allllllll of the time. #thestruggleisreal #amiright

    Really though, it looks like a cute outfit. Those pants are so pretty for spring!


    Something About That

  19. Aw, you look fantastic! I love the color of your pants, so pretty!

  20. Yes, story of my life! That was like my Saturday. I swear I looked cute and then was snapped in some pictures and it was not good. at. all. Whatever. Anyways you look great and the outfit doesn't look bad at all! I love the bag! It's a great transition outfit for spring!

    Clothes & Quotes

  21. This happens to me all the time! Whatever though:) Anyway, you look adorable and I love this cozy sweater!



  22. Yes, I've had those outfits, and the ones that seem bad in real life but photograph really well!

    Glad you had a very lovely easter!

    Chic on the Cheap

  23. I have always loved bright green with leopard. I own pants just like these. I must try them with a similar tan turtle-neck I own. Your bracelets are too cute Tori.

    Hope all is well. Stop by sometime. Enjoy the weekend! Ada. =)

  24. This happens to me ALL THE TIME! But I still think your green and leopard is a great combo :)
    Nikki at www.bedazzlesafterdark.com

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