Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pinspire- For the Love of Hunter's

Alright Y'all--it is time for another Pinterest inspired look. This photo above is literally the first picture that made me NEED a pair of Hunter boots...ok need may be a strong word. But let's be real, we all are well aware how much I love them (mainly because I think I have told you so a million times). So I won't beat a dead horse about that--but honestly, that is why I love finding fashion inspiration from places like Pinterest. 

Pinterest can help the fashion savvy and non-savvy alike by:
  • showing new ways to wear things you already have
  • inspiring you to buy a few new pieces
  • teaching you some way to style yourself that you may never have thought of
I hope you all give it a try--let me know how I did with my "copy cat" look!

{Shirt: Limited} {Blazer- old Steal} {Jeans: Old Navy}
{Bracelets: Groopdealz & Wet Seal Splurge}{Boots: Hunter}

I would love to hear where you all get inspiration from! Please share with me :)

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  1. Your so pretty! I love that pink!

  2. I LOVE this!! The pink is so perfect and I adore your blazer!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Totally want this outfit it's perfect!!! xoxoxo

  4. You are sweiously think pink master!! Love all the pink with the navy stripes! Gorgeous as always! :)

    <3 Shannon

  5. lovely shoes.... i love that shoe so much....
    hope we can follow each other..

  6. Loving all the look and how you took the inspiration and made it you own! You look gorgeous!
    <3 Rach & Sho

  7. I'd say you nailed your copy cat look. IA with Shannon- you're the pink master! I'm the same as you...I get lots of inspiration from Pinterest and other blogs. :)

    Gina @ On the Daily

  8. You did fabulous on your copy cat!! And I LOVE those earrings---they match perfect!! Looking beautiful!!


  9. I have the same blazer and haven't worn it for so long! I am loving it with these pink accents! Great look.

    Xo, Amanda

  10. So cute! I "need" a pair of hunters....trouble picking a color though.
    xo, Lee

  11. love this outfit!

  12. Pinterest offers such great inspiration! Your pink Hunters are so fun!

  13. Love the inspiration and now I want to get a pair of pink hunter boots! Love the striped blazer as well, you look amazing.


  14. Cute outfit!! LOVE those Hunter boots. I've always wanted a pair but can never decide on which color to order. I should just get it over with a buy my first pair. The pink looks great on you :) Perfect springy outfit.

  15. I love this look! Pinterest is what made me need Hunters, too haha!

  16. Love it!!! The striped blazer and pink blouse look great together. And of course those Hunters are FAB!


  17. Loving all of the pink, too perfect! Great look!

  18. I don't know anyone else who can pull off those boots! So fun! But I think I get inspiration all over. From other blogs, different store displays, magazines, and pinterest too!
    xo Adri

  19. love the look! i love hunters but could never spend that much on a pair of wellies. one day ;)

  20. Gahh I know--I was about to say the same thing: You are definitely pulling off those boots like no other!
    A lot of my inspiration comes from fellow bloggers and cultures around the world! xx

    <(`) Hoda || JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

  21. i got mine on ebay for $40.00!

  22. i have the bright pink hunters also. i mostly pair mine with black/ white or chambray, but i would love to mix them up with more springy colors. any ideas?

  23. So cute! You did a great job of recreating the look!
    My friends keep hearing me say [over and over and over again] that I need a pair of wellies but thennnn I just never get around to ordering them. Yesterday, when my flats filled up with rain water I was like alright, this is it! I'm ordering when I get home. Of course, I haven't yet... but I'm going to! Lol! Eventually...
    The pink ones are adorbs!

    Because I'm Obsessed

  24. Pink...stripes...yes!!! Super girly I love it!

  25. So cute how you're all matchy matchy! I have a yellow raincoat and I kind of want to get yellow rain boots, so I'll look like Paddington Bear LOL.

  26. Uhm you totally had me fooled, I thought your pic and the Pinterest pics were from the same outfit for a second haha! You pulled it off seamlessly and it looks great, I am so jeal of your pink hunters! Your outfit is better though because of your earrings leh duh.

  27. Awesome Hunters <3

  28. The vibrant colors in this outfit are so lovely! Great way to look chic on a rainy day <3

  29. I didn't even realize that the original picture wasn't you at first, great job with your copy cat look! I have Hunter Envy... :)

  30. That is a gorgeous bright pink, and your copycat look is right on the money! I love pinning outfits as well, but I don't use my inspiration pins enough. Usually I just forget about the older ones---I guess I gotta step up my copycat game.



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