Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pittsburgh Marathon Recap

Hey all!
First off, THANK YOU all so much for all your support leading up to the Pittsburgh Marathon :) Even though I just ran 5 miles in the relay--for this former smoker, running hater, couch potato--it was quite an accomplishment! And although I have NO desire to ever run the whole thing, it was very inspiring to see all the runners coming across the finish line reaching their goals :)

So here is how the weekend went.

First we got there and our hotel was surrounded by the BEST shopping ever!

Then we went to Dave and Busters that night and stayed out way too late having fun and playing games.
After a very SHORT night of sleep, it was time to race.
This is totally what I was picturing while running...            

And I totally feel like this perfectly describes me...

BUT, in reality...

I had such a blast and finished with under 10 minute miles--which I was not expecting! It was a great experience and I was so glad that Monday was Cinco de Mayo, because after that race I felt like this...

Me and the hubs basking in marathon glory--aka Happy we are still alive ha!

Thank you so much for stopping by :) I have some exciting outfit posts coming up and a really fun giveaway--so stay tuned!

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  1. Haha love this! I totally look like that corgi when I run too. I HATE running. Like, more than anything. Margaritas on the other hand... love! :) What all did you get on your shopping spree? I swear I can't pass up a good sale! Glad you made it through the race!!

    <3, Pamela

  2. Congrats on the marathon! I am one of those people that feel like I'm dying if I just run down the block...it's just not my thing!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Ah! That margarita meme picture is hilarious. I'm pregnant right now and all I want is a margarita!!! :) Congrats on your run!! That is awesome!

  4. Girl I am so proud of you! I could never run a marathon! I absolutely hate running!! So glad you soaked up at the end and had fun!! Cracking up at that corgi! That's totally me trying to run haha!

  5. Lovely photos! You're amazing! I wouldn't be able to run 5 miles. Have a great day! XO


  6. This post made me laugh, haha! It's how I felt running my half marathon last year!

  7. This is funny! Can't believe I didn't have a margarita yesterday. I'm so boring! I just started running not that long ago but am finding it so difficult! I can't even build up to a mile! So I decided to start walking because I can go longer distances walking but now both of my ankles hurt so I may not be doing anything in the near future. :(


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  8. Congrats on the marathon! I am one of those people that feel like I'm dying if I just run down the block...it's just not my thing! http://num.to/298.722.624.525

  9. Congrats on the marathon! That is awesome!




  10. Congrats on the marathon! I think it's awesome that you did even part of it because I can't run a mile without passing out :) And it looks like it turned out to be an awesome weekend too!

  11. You go girl!! I did not know you could do it as a relay! I may have to look into that because honestly 26 miles sounds horrible, haha!

  12. Congrats on your pace! That's awesome! Love all these pics-hilarious!!

  13. Yay, you DID IT! That's amazing, babe! :) (As a non-runner, I am in awe of you!)


  14. Love you humor girl! I think you earned that margarita!
    xo Adri

  15. Bahaha your pictures cracked me up!! Congrats - sounds like you did great!


  16. Congrats! The photos were a great way to recap. What I'm most curious about is the fabulous shopping you found! Do tell?! :)

  17. You killed me with all the pictures Tori (especially the dog one haha)! Too funny! Congrats on finishing your marathon and fitting in some shopping time too:)! Rita @ www.CoastWithMe.com

  18. Ahhh love the photos and quotes, especially the first three. So great that you ran. 5 miles is 5 miles. I have never run a marathon.

    The pic of you and hubby is so sweet. Looking forward to your outfit posts, as per usual. And especially to tell us about what you bought.

    <3 Ada.

  19. Yayyy!!! You did it! Good job, girl. Every picture in this post is so funny --and you look so pretty in the last pic!

    Because I'm Obsessed

  20. Congrats on the relay! That is always exciting to do something like that! :)

  21. CONGRATULATIONS! Ahh that's so exciting! I've been waiting to hear how it went--I'm so glad you did so well! :D Haha this post was hilarious! Also, omg how do you still look FLAWLESS after just running a marathon?! #perfect ~

    <(') Hoda || JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

  22. I have a tendency to "accidentally shop" too Lol


  23. Wow i'd like to imagine that Ryan Gosling is waiting for me at the finish line. He'll be an inspiration hahaha

    Hello there! Please visit my blog too and if you liked it, follow me and let's keep in touch. I'd love to hear something from you. Hope to see you there! :)

  24. I legit fist pumped and raised my arms Rocky style the first time I ran 5 miles! It definitely is a great accomplishment, so congrats!! And that Puppy/Ryan meme is my new favorite! :) Carylee | morepiecesofme.com


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