Friday, May 9, 2014

You must not want it Enough

If you have ever had a dream or goal...

Then I am sure you have heard it said before--"You must not want it enough, because if you did then you would (fill in the blank). That fill in the blank could be anything from give up time with friends, work more hours, eat less food, study more often, whatever it may be, in order to reach your goal. 

I feel like this can be such a dangerous way of thinking. I mean are you really willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to make your dreams come true? And after you achieve them, will you look back and still think it was worth it?

Your answer to those questions may be different than mine, but for me the answer is a resounding NO. There are things in my life too important to me to give up for "success". I put success in quotations, because what is the point of reaching the top if it costs you everything to get there. I am not willing to lose my friends and family, sanity and stress level, vacation and fun, or Jesus time all for the sake of a job/blog/perfect body/house/car or whatever it may be.

I think our society has it's priorities all wrong. I want my main focus to be to love God, love others, and love myself. I want to be kind to myself--even when I might not meet my own expectations. Perfection is unattainable (I know I talk about this topic a lot), so give yourself a break. 

I once heard that you would never tell a 5 year old version of yourself that she is ugly or not good enough, that she doesn't have what it takes. So why in the heck are you letting those lies impede your thoughts about your current self? Be kind to yourself, let things slide sometimes, and learn to be in the moment.

And just as important--loving the ones around you. Take the time to stop at a sick friends house with soup--even if you have a million things on your plate. Send a simple text just to let someone know you are thinking and praying for them. When you have a blog post to write and your hubby (who works like 80 hrs a week) has down time and wants to cuddle in front of the t.v.--do it! (OK, that advice may have been directed at myself ha!)


Forget the lie that you must not want it enough. I am all for putting your heart into a goal, but also give yourself a break! If you are doing your best, that is really all that matter (an oldie, but goodie). Sometimes, you can want something with all your heart and it is still OK not to sacrifice something else in order to obtain it. It doesn't mean that it is less important or your somehow a failure. It just means that maybe you have to find a more creative way to carve out time to blog, or working out, or cooking dinners for your family. BALANCE is the key. I truly believe God has a plan for everyone and we can stop striving so hard to make things happen, because God is in control. If it is His will for it to happen, it will--without any help from us :) So drop control, guilt, and stress, and go out and have a fabulous weekend doing whatever feeds your soul!

Thanks for listening to my ramblings :)


  1. Great post girl! I could not agree more! Society definitely has the priorities all wrong. God definitely has a plan for everyone and if it's meant to be it will be. Happy weekend!

    <3, Pamela

  2. Great post and I agree with you 100% I really liked the part about how you wouldnt tell your 5 year old self the stuff we as adults constantly say to ourselves too fat, lazy, not good enough etc. I really like the idea of building yourself up :) Have a great weekend!

  3. This post was perfect -- balance is really the key. And it's so easy to be hard on yourself when things aren't going as planned. Being forgiving with yourself is really necessary these days. Thanks for this!


  4. For some reason this really resonates with me... it's never as easy as that and it's a very simplistic way of looking at things - it's about timing, maturity, overall readiness and core values as an adult. Getting what you want isn't always easy, and that's why we value it even more once we get it - regardless of what it is :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  5. I completely agree with you!! We need to always trust in Him and everything will fall into place! Happy Friday girl!

    <3 Shannon

  6. I love that saying the "you would not tell your five year old self these things why are you telling yourself them now". That is so great! We are all so hard on ourselves sometimes.This was such a great post, Tori. I hope you had a great weekend!!

  7. Lovely said, I just started following you a few moments ago and this post caught my attention. Thank you for being real and honest about how important God is first and formost in your life. I love meeting other blogger believers. :)


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