Monday, September 15, 2014


{Boots: Gianni Bini (in store, but not online) Obsessed} {Poncho: Forever 21
{Watch: Michael Kors Similar/Save} {Necklace: Body Central Similar/LOVE}

Well if you all live anywhere in the north eastern US--you are most likely feeling the beginning of fall. Here in Ohio, we went from 90 degrees to the 60's in about 2 days! I don't hate the fall, besides fact that it means winter is coming, but I actually love all the fashions, food, a beautiful sights fall brings.

This week on the blog, it is going to be all about fall essentials. Time to break out those boots, hoodies, sweaters, plaid, leggings, and (if you are my husband) football jerseys :)

Today's outfit is so simple-- a black poncho and a killer pair of black boots. Boots are so worth the investment and every girl needs one GOOD pair. I won't lie--I am the queen of buying cheap boots--but they never last a whole season and look like crap after about two wears. This year, I invested...and yes, my bank account is still not speaking to me, but I am so glad I did. 
  • Get a classic pair that will still be in style for years to come
  • Looks for a good material that will last.
  • Get a neutral color
  • And make sure they are comfortable

Then go outside and enjoy the weather, changing leave, and grab yourself a pumpkin spice latte :)

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  1. I was so excited for this weather! I haven't experience Ohio weather in years (we just moved back recently) so it's amazing to enjoy some nice Fall weather. I love your poncho and boots.. best part of Fall fashions.. the boots and layers! :) Happy Monday

  2. Love the boots! I'm searching for a new pair now!

  3. Fall temps seemed to come out of nowhere! One day it's crazy hot, the next I'm closing all the windows and wearing a sweater. You definitely look like you are embracing the cooler temps with your boots and denim.

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. Love the boots! They are definitely a great investment + they are so stylish. I love the ease of this look.

  5. Stop with those boots!! So fab! Ugh I wish FL would get the Picture and cool down! You look adorable!

    <3 Shannon

  6. Love those boots girl! Obsessed! Definitely not even remotely cool here... I wish I was though! I have a feeling sweaters and boot weather is still months away for me!

    <3, Pamela

  7. I am searching for some cute over the knee boots!! so so cute!

  8. LOVE the boots! It's just now getting to be boot weather here. Your whole is look is so chic!

  9. Yes! I definitely need a new pair of boots going into the fall season! These pictures are SO cute

  10. I actually love Autumn, dressing for it is my fave! Love those boots!

    The Velvet Black // UK
    Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  11. The weather drop was crazy! We went down to the 60s but are back to 80s today. I enjoyed it while it lasted! Bring on the boots!! ;)

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  12. Yay bring on the fall temps! We experienced the quick temp drop here in OK too, but it's kind of warmer now... Oh well, it was a nice taste of what's to come. I love those boots for sure!

  13. I love the simplicity of this look-you look very chic!! That's such a great poncho.
    Marta, xo

  14. bello*.*

    Do you want to follow each other on instagram? I'm @Chic Street Choc ! Thank uuu



  15. Love this chic look! I love the poncho or cape, i think it looks elegant especially paired with the black boots

    from the link up

    please stop by, jess

  16. Gorgeous outfit and also a gorgeous blog! Take care. x


  17. Your outfit, and those boots are so perfect. Love your look. :)

  18. Love everything about this, especially the necklace!

    Heidi D.

  19. You are such a beauty! I love the classic black boots and the poncho is so fun and cozy! You hair is so pretty too! (I feel like I always compliment your hair, but hey, it's the truth. haha!)

  20. I LOVE that pocho- fall perfection.

  21. Do you ever have a bad outfit? Seriously girl, you look great! Great hair too!!!

    Fashion, Floss and Lip Gloss

  22. One good pair of boots?! How about like 5? I LOVE my boots! I am doing my best to hold off wearing them though because they get nonstop wear till spring! You look adorable in that poncho!

  23. I love this poncho and those boots are amazing! I like to splurge on a good pair of boots but there is one pair that I bought in Target that have outlived my designer boots! Sometime you can just get lucky like that! Looking super pretty my dear!

  24. hello sweetie!!
    I`m here the first time & I wanna stay!
    How about follow each other?? I always follow back when I propose it :)
    I tell you that because I really love your blog! WOW!
    Pics so inspiring & descritpions are great!!!!
    so let me know sweetie!

    have a nice day!
    keep in touch :)

  25. I agree with all the points you made about buying boots. I used to do that too- buy cheap boots and then have them break after wearing them a few times. I know better now, hehe! :) I love the ones you got, so classic and they'll literally go with everything.

  26. You look lovely! I love shopping for boots in the autumn :) xx

  27. Ah yes, it's boot season! :) Love these; you look super chic.


  28. Love this look!! The poncho is so fun.



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