Monday, September 14, 2015

My Review of Jamberry Nails

I have been wanting the chance to try out Jamberry Nails for what seems like forever! I just never got around to it--but was always admiring other wearing them, they have the funnest patterns and are so shiny on the nail!

When Megan asked me to give them a try and review them for you all on my blog--I was thrilled!

First off, get to know a little more about Jamberry Nails and their products:
  1. Jamberry Nails are a vinyl wrap that adheres to your nails through heat and pressure
  2. Over 300 styles/patterns to choose from
  3. Each sheet is enough for 2 full manis, 2 full pedis, and 6-8 accent nails
  4. They can be applied to natural nails, acrylics, gels, and polish (this one made me happy, love my acrylics--don't judge me ha!)

My pattern

Find the Right Fit

Cover with Bag, Apply Heat

Trim Nail for Smooth Edge

Finished Product

Loving the Pattern and Shine
{Wraps: c/o Megan--can be ordered HERE

So, what was my honest opinion of these wraps then?

I really, really was pleased with them! I was concerned they would be hard to apply and messy, but it was quite the opposite. Finding the right fit and cutting them before they are on your nails seem to be key to getting a clean look.

 I think mine will look even better next time because I got the hang of "fitting" them towards the end (you don't want them touching your skin or else it makes the ends lift).This product might take some practice to get perfect, but over all very user friendly!

I love that you can wear them over acrylics--or over polish--like I did in this post! I love a good pedi, so the fact that I can add these after the salon is awesome!

Shine, Shine, Shine! Love the finish after you apply heat. You can use a hair drying and don't have to purchase a special lamp or anything to achieve it, so major plus.

I would totally recommend these to anyone. Please visit Megan's site HERE to order! You can also visit her Facebook Page if you have any questions on how to apply, the product itself, or hosting your own party.

Any one else tried these?! What were you thoughts?!

Happy Monday


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