Friday, October 4, 2013

Feel Good Friday

What a crazy week of ups and downs!! It's gonna be the weekend at 5 o'clock and I will take it. We have plans to go out for our 2 year anniversary, I have two baby showers, and a birthday party to attend! So bring on the crazy and let's party!

I love this outfit! Skulls are fun and totally on trend this season. Throw on some great bling jewelry and sleeves made of sequins and you have an OUTFIT. That's outfit in all caps :). Having an OUTFIT that makes you feel good about yourself and you can throw on without a second thought is important! When last minute plans come about, I don't want to have to think hard about how to look good and feel good! I want to not only look effortless, but BE effortless :).

{Shirt:Express} {Pants: Target Similar and Reversible!!}
{Necklaces: Groopdealz & F21}
{Bracelets: Old LOVE}

This weekend I have an assignment for you.

1. Go Out
 (anywhere, even just to a cafe to grab a coffee)

2. Pick an outfit that makes you feel confident
(You know you look good girrl!)

3. Be you! and Have fun!!
(This should be what fashion is all about!)

What are your favorite outfits that are easy and make you feel great?? What tips do you  have for being confident in what you wear?

Enjoy your fabulous weekend all!! 

Tori <3



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