Friday, October 11, 2013

Marrakesh Oil- Product Review

I was a hairdresser...and I use the term lightly because it was only for a very short time, but I do have my cosmetology license. Everything about hair fascinates me. Unfortunately I found out I only like learning about hair and trying it out on myself, not so much on other people! I have so much respect for cosmetologist! It is not an easy job between the crazy clients, crazy hours, and no paid-time off!!

I have done it all to my hair (the good, the great, and the well horrible, no good, burn those pictures type of stuff). I have been every color under the sun and switching back and forth between light and dark can be hell on the hair. I am currently a dirty blonde but still have a lot of damage from my previous days as a natural blonde wannabe. 

Enter in my new hairdresser (whom I adore!!) If you live in Ohio go to Salon Mystique and ask for Megan :). Any-who  she suggested I try Marrakesh Oil. It has been amazing!! I literally would suggest it to anyone, with any hair type. If you have very fine hair I would suggest Marrakesh Light that will be a little less weighty on your fine strands!

I tried the oil as well as their leave in conditioner and put them both on before blow-drying. The products are all natural and 100% vegan. They have turned my hair life around! My hair is silky and soft. A lot of products I have tried will mask the damage and make my hair look good until the next wash, but I truly see these products repairing my hair. Every time I dry it I see a bigger difference in the health of my hair!

If I were to give this product a diamond rating, 5 out of 5 diamonds being the best, it is hands down a 5!!!!

Marrakesh Oil = *****

I will buy these products again and again. My suggestion is using both daily for damaged hair. If you have healthy hair maybe choose either the oil or leave-in. It shouldn't weigh  your hair down if you are using the right amount and one of the biggest pluses of all..the smell AMAZING!! Yummy :)

Has anyone else tried their products?? What are some of your favorite hair secrets??

You can find these at some of your local salons and it is also carried on Amazon.

Have an amazing weekend Fashionistas!!

<3 Tori

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