Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Girly in a Man's World

I love to feel girly and feminine at the office, being in banking doesn't have to mean wearing the old stuffy suit jacket. This skirt and shirt combo does the trick! It is from The Limited and with its cute lace detailing it's super fun and flirty, yet totally appropriate and professional. Throw on my red heels and I know its going to be a good day! This cardigan is also so versatile. I actually bought it to go with a totally different cami, but loved how it worked perfect to throw over this outfit because I am pretty sure my office is kept at subzero temperatures. I always joke if I catch a cold I am claiming workers comp :).

{Skirt/Shirt/Cardi: Limited Awesome outfit!!}
{Earrings: Old Navy- Out of Stock Similar}
{Shoes: Gianni Bini Similar}

The day I wore this outfit was a great day! However, tonight as I write this post, it was not a good night. I have shared my dog Gemma with you all a little bit and I love that doggy to death. One problem, she thinks her day job is to be a ninja. She can escape anytime, anywhere....O and did I mention she is deaf?? So when she gets out it is super scary because she can't hear me calling her and she tends to think we are playing a game of "chase/tag". Tonight she got out and got very close to the main road (which she has never done before). I was scared to death and after finally catching her I had a minor meltdown from being scared/relieved. So this post is just going to be short and sweet because I want to go cuddle my two puppies, hang out with my hubby, and thank God she is ok :) O and put a whole heck of a lot more chicken wire on the fence to keep my little ninja in the yard!

Tori <3

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  1. I absolutely love that striped skirt. Thank you so much for linking up!

  2. Too cute!! And that Gemma.... will keep you hopping!! <3 you both!

  3. Thanks so much Laura! I love linkin up with your blog and following you! You are a great inspiration!

  4. She def. keeps me on my toes!! Was a perfect angel tonight :) I think she knew I needed a break! Love you!

  5. Love the lace trim on your cardi and those hot red heels!


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