Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Comfy in LOFT and Leggings

Some days you just want to curl up in your comfys and well not wear any pants. Since it is not acceptable to walk around in your underwear, I like to go with the next best thing...leggings!! I know, I know, we have all heard the phrase that "if leggings were meant to be worn as pants they would be called pants", but I only wear leggings as pants if it meets my criteria.
1. Only worn outside of work when doing casual things like running errands, doing laundry, morning coffee with friends, or watching TV.
2. Make sure they are super thick, I do not like it when I can see the pattern on someones undergarments!
3. No Cameltoe...enough said! (that one is for you Leah)
Anyways, now that we are all clear on my personal legging rules we can move on. In these pictures I have on my new favorite sweatshirt. It is from the Loft and is so amazingly soft. I got it on sale and have already worn it more than once, OK more than twice. Pair it was some appropriate leggings and some flats or Uggs and it is my new go-to errands outfit for those cold snowy days!


{Sweatshirt: LOFT Love this One} {Boots: Uggs}
What are your thoughts on leggings??
I am keeping it short and sweet today fashionistas! Its mid-week in the middle of November (starting to really get cold) and I want to just snuggle my puppies and hubby tonight, while curled up watching TV and sipping on some Red's Apple Ale :).
Have a most fabulous Wednesday!!
Tori <3
P.s. does anyone else think I have crazy eyes in the first picture?? Now that I blogged it, I have officially creeped my own self out :) ha!

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  1. I love leggings too! And I have the same boots!

  2. I love these boots!! They are so comfy, I wear them prolly more than I should :):)

  3. Those rules are the truth! I like to add a fourth rule - Top must cover my bum!

    <3 Vicki

  4. love this comfy and fun look!

  5. comfort is key!

  6. O that is a perfect 4th rule!! I don't think I ever break that one or try not too...i got a booty on me :) Thanks for stopping by the blog!!

  7. Thank you so much!! Thank you for stopping by the blog and commenting! I love hearing from everyone! Have a great day girl!

  8. It really is!! Especially after a long day at work when there are still errands to run...i try to be as comfy as possible, while still looking semi-put together (although that last part doesn't always happen ha)
    Thanks for stopping by!!

  9. You look super comfy and adorable!! my thoughts on leggings are that I will only wear them with a dress/tunic top. I am not super comfy with a tshirt, like how i have seen many women wear it. It always makes me feel like I am half dressed..Thanks for stopping by the blog..hope to see you around :)

  10. Ahh I LOVE leggings - I can't say I'm not wearing them right now!!

    Love the look and the sweater and shoes make the outfit so cosy!


  11. Aww thank you so much!! I lounged around in it all weekend!! ha :) I can't wait to check out your blog and follow it! I appreciate the comments and you stopping by so much!
    Have an awesome evening!

  12. haha I agree. I think the T-shirt look with leggings look great on some people, just not myself lol I like my booty covered :) Thanks for commenting and taking a look at the blog!!
    Have a most fabulous afternoon!

  13. I really like those leggings for women. You wear them well, might I add!



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