Friday, October 3, 2014

The Real Arnolds

Yay! We all made it to Friday :) Working 10 to 12 hr days all week has been killer--but its almost the weekend!

And I have a super special treat--the fabulous Amy from The Real Arnolds is joining us today for a guest post. This girl oozes style--her look is so classic and chic. She really should be on the cover of a magazine, yet she is the most down to earth and sweetest blogger--it has been so fun getting to know her :)

Hi! My name is Amy Ann, fashion blogger behind The Real Arnolds. I am ecstatic to be posting for Tori today while she is gone. How amazing is her blog?! What an honor to be here.

Back when I first started blogging, I often left my sunglasses or purse out of the picture. Eventually I realized that meant I was only showing part of my outfit making it look very un-me. Accessories matter, a lot. I love using necklaces, large watches, purses, an extra print, and sunglasses to change up and add personality to my look. Accessories are how we customize outfits. Here are a few of my favorite ways to accessorize:

1. Accessorize with a statement necklace - A statement necklace is probably my favorite thing ever. They can dress up a casual tee shirt or add fun color to an already amazing dress. Here I layered two to one of my favorite dresses. The pop of blue is just what it needed.

Here I added color through my necklace and matched my purse to it. Think how different this outfit would look without either one?

2. Accessorize with a bold colored purse - This blue cobalt dress is amazing on its own. With a neon green purse? Even better. Imagine this dress without the purse and shoes. It would be totally different. Just for grins, here is a side by side of one dress styled in two totally different ways. Same dress, different vibes because of the accessories.

Here I added a green bag to an already great dress. Would it have been okay on its own? Sure. Is it better with the fun purse? Yes, isn't everything?

3. Accessorize with sunglasses - I have a collection of $5-$10 sunglasses primarily purchased at Forever21 that I love to rotate. Possibly my favorite is this silver mirrored pair. I've worn them with a surprising amount of things.

4. Accessorize with pops of print - I love to add print to outfits in small ways like through a purse or leopard shoes. In this post, I added my black and white polka dot bag to my buffalo plaid. The outfit on its own is really fun, but when you add the bag it is even better.

In a more recent post, I added my leopard booties to a burgundy mini and windowpane blouse. I could have chosen a wide variety of shoes: tan D'Orsey flats, chunky heeled black sandals, etc. Each would have lended a different vibe, but I loved how the leopard added some print and interest.

5. Accessorize with all your favorites - If you are feeling really sassy, add them all! This ended up being one of my favorite outfits. I have two layered necklaces, a fun purse, a layered shirt for print detail, and a great pair of sunglasses.

Happy weekend and happy accessorizing. Thanks for putting up with me in Tori's absence.


Seriously?! Isn't her style killer? Make sure you swing by her blog, follow along, and check out the back story about the name of her blog--its too funny!

Have a great weekend



  1. Headed over to her page as we speak!!! :)

  2. All so lovely, great feature!! I feel for ya Tori, poor thing, 12 hour days are no joke!


  3. Tori you totally just made my day with your sweet words! Thank you so much for asking me to guest blog. What a fun experience!

  4. YESSSS her style is killer for sure!

  5. Hope you'll have a great weekend after all the hard work!! Great choice for guest post, love Amy Ann she has awesome style and is the sweetest.
    Marta, xo

  6. Pretty much obsessed with every look! :D


  7. Love this! I adore statement necklaces and now I have more idea on accessorising! xo

  8. Beautiful style (and hair!) inspiration! I'm excited to check out her blog more. :)

  9. love this post! great advice!we'll stop by!


  10. Amy Ann's Blog is one of my favorites, a daily read for sure. What a great gut post full of wonderful tips on accessories. Love ALL of her outfits, especially the 1st and last one. =)


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