Thursday, September 19, 2013

Leopard Part Two: All about the Shoe

Keeping with the trend of the week...Leopard!! However, if you couldn't tell by what is a very mysterious title (ok, maybe not), today is all about the SHOES! When choosing really wild shoes I like to go totally monochromatic with my other clothing. I think it makes the shoes pop. These shoes are one of my favs because they are not only in one of the best prints ever, but are super comfy. I don't know if you all are like me, but I have 3 types of shoes in my closet.

1. Everyday shoes- these can be worn, again just like the label says, EVERYDAY! Always the most practical option.

2. Sitting down most of the day shoes- where you will only be up from your desk to get coffee, run to the copy machine, or to the break room for some water cooler gossip.

3. Car to Dinner shoes- These happen to be my favorite, buttt least practical. These are only worn out for a on the town for a night where the only walking I will be doing is from the car to sit down at a restaurant table and eat dinner. (sometimes these shoes must even be taken off during dinner, just make sure the table clothe covers it!)

Shoes: Charlotte Russe (old) Similar Pants: Limited  Jacket: Dillards (old) Leather Option!

These shoes are so fun to wear. The are a #2 shoe and I love wearing them in the office. Except the guys I work with don't reallllyyy get fashion and they like to call me too-tall-tori! They are lucky I can take a joke, because in these shoes I feel like I could kick some major butt! :)

Also had some trouble with people being able to leave comments so loaded a new option! Hopefully this will work better so I able to interact with all of you out there :) I love hearing from you!

Until next time!

Tori <3

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