Wednesday, September 4, 2013

She Works Hard for the Money

So I had never pictured myself working behind the confines of a desk. Early on, being an actress was my one and only aspiration. Clearly, I am not famous or on the big screen (yet :) never say never!), but I still love being more on the creative side. So after some college and a cosmetology lisence, I some how found my way into the not-so-creative world of banking. It is not always my ideal job, but somehow it works! One of the greatest perks, is getting to get all dressed up and feeling like a grown-up. That part still feels a little like I am playing pretend :). My office is business causal and I am lucky enough to not have a uniform, or tights with skirts, and we can even wear capris!

You all will be seeing alot of my "office wear" because lets face it, working full time means thats what I am wearing a good part of my week!

I am taking advantage of wearing those said capri's while the weather is still warm. I live in Ohio so that is liable to change at any moment. I love this top from The Limited. The colors are versitale so I can totaly wear it in summer or throw a blazer over it and dress it up for winter in the office.

Necklaces: New York & Company/Limited (old) Shirt: Limited (Old) Similar/Sale!! Shoes: Old Love these though!

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