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Wearing Heels During Pregnancy: Style Yes-Yes Or Complete Madness?

{Guest Post by Cristina Nika Kask. She is a fabulous new blogger, who has some great in-depth insight on fashion, beauty and DIY. I am blown away by her writing, and her talent shines through all of her work. You can find more of her post over at High Style Life, where she is a regular contributor!}

Wearing Heels During Pregnancy:
Style Yes-Yes Or Complete Madness?

Ten to twenty years ago none of us would even consider wearing heels during pregnancy. Why? Because common sense says so. However, given we’ve all become so obsessed with celebrity styles, it somehow became expected we’ll look up to them in terms of the way they dress, act and live.
One of the things celebrities appear to adore is wearing heels during pregnancy. And while this seems like utter madness most of them know how to pull it off.  Unlike Kim Kardashian who was trashed in the paper for wearing heels even all throughout her second and third trimester and spending most of her pregnancy bloated, Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie, Blake Lively and plenty other celebrities carried it off so graciously.  

If you wish to follow the style path of your favorite pregnant celebrity, we are giving you advice how to do just that. However, we’ll first reflect on effects of wearing heels during pregnancy:

Cramps, cramps, cramps!
Your calf muscles are in a contracted position, when you wear heels for a long time. Because of this, your muscles may be aggravated during pregnancy and you’ll be in constant pain. Also, heels in pregnancy lead to stretching of muscles in the feet.

Back pain like no other
With the baby growing inside of you, your back will be hurting immensely as now you are carrying a pretty heavy human being inside of you, and for nine months!
During pregnancy, the ligaments in lower back and legs are loosened. Since the support is not proper while wearing heels, your pelvic and back joints are put under excess pressure which results in aches.
All that swelling
Edema or swelling in legs, ankles and feet is a medical condition which is quite common during pregnancy. The problem will further be aggravated with wearing tight shoes and high heels. You might also experience pain.
Balancing is hard
Due to hormonal changes in the body and excess weight, the strength in your ankles is likely to reduce which is why you will be experiencing a lower balancing capacity. This is why you will be exposed to a higher probability of losing balance and tripping over while wearing heels in pregnancy, causing injury to you and your unborn child.

Tips for wearing high heels in pregnancy
We get that you are stylish, gorgeous and fashion conscious. Heels have always been a part of your style, and that’s sweet. Just remember that heels in pregnancy can lead to serious harm to both you and your unborn baby.
But, if you absolutely must, keep the following tips in mind:
1.      First trimester - This is when you are barely showing and you are still not wearing your maternity denim jeans, but the regular size ones so low heels are okay. However, watch your balance!
2.      Period after first trimester - Hormonal flow increases and your muscles start to stretch. Try to wear sturdier and lower heels.
3.      Avoid - platform heels, stilettos and kitten heels! The thinner the heels, the lesser support your body will get.
4.      All day heel – If you are at an event that requires wearing heels for the whole day, make sure you take short breaks by taking the heels off, massage your feet and then putting them on again.
5.      Standing - Avoid standing or walking for longer durations in high heels. Try to sit around most of the time.

Now that you are aware of all the risks and are given insights into how to wear heels while expecting, we hope you’ll be smart about your choices and careful. Remember – you know don’t need heels to look amazing. Your pregnancy glow is making sure you do, at all times!

** Cristina Nika Kask




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